Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Snapshots

After what seems like months of back and forth, rainy, cold, and overcast weekends, Chicago had an (almost) full weekend of sunshine.  It may have been hot and humid, but it was sunny, and dang it, we were gonna enjoy it!  So minus today's inside only dissertation workday, the rest of the weekend was spend outside, enjoying some much needed Chicago sunshine!

DSCN4971Fruity drinks on the patio?  Yes please.

DSCN4972My love affair with pina coladas is out of this world.  They are worth every single one of their 9,000 calories.  So much so, I had two :)

DSCN4973We tried a new spot for dinner on Friday (thanks Groupon Now for the push) and we were pleasantly surprised.  A Friday fish fry, a huge outdoor patio, and pina coladas on special.  Does it get any better?

DSCN4979After a slow moving Saturday morning (oh how I love waking up without an alarm), we headed to the Morton Arboretum to enjoy the sun at one of Chicago's best outdoor spots.

DSCN4976As soon as I saw the maze garden, my Harry Potter geek meter went off, playing a million Goblet of Fire scenarios in my mind.  But after thinking back to our previous corn maze experience, we decided to spare ourselves the anxiety/agony and just enjoy the maze from above.

DSCN4984Pretty flowers, happy little bee.

DSCN4991For lunch we packed a picnic and found a great little spot near the lake to unfold our blanket.

DSCN4986The view, looking up, from our picnic blanket.  I'm hardly the "outdoorsy type" but even I can't deny this loveliness.

DSCN4993After lunch, I caught up with Harry and his friends, in preparation for the upcoming movie.  July 15...anyone else counting down?!

DSCN4997The Arboretum has over 1,700 acres of gardens, woods, and lakes, so it truly is impossible to experience everything in a visit, so after our picnic, Matt and I agreed to hike the trail to Big Rock.  I was slightly unprepared for the hike as I thought it would be more of a "stroll through heavily manicured gardens."  Not entirely lol.  So after a little bit of whining, I calmed down and we set off for a solid hour hike.

DSCN5004I can't help but laugh at this picture.  A little lost and a lot hot, we pause for a break, and in true fashion, Matt turns to the map and I turn to the camera.  We make a good pair us two :)

So there you have it, a little sneak peek into our sunshine filled weekend.  What was your weekend like?  PS: Don't forget about my Stella & Dot giveaway!  You've got a few more days to enter to win one of two awesome prizes!  Hope your weekend was lovely and that this week is even better!


Lindsay said...

What a fun weekend. That pina colada looks delish!

T.D. said...

I love the last picture! It is too cute!!

WhimSea Designs said...

Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! I share your obsession with the Pina Colada...they really are a girls best friend!! ;)

Neon Blonde Runner said...

Gorgeous photos, girl!!!!

PursuitOfLLT said...

what a fun weekend! i've actually never been there---looks beautiful!

and i love your goblet of fire comparison. i would have thought the same thing. i cannot wait for 7/15!! i re-read #7 right before the 1st part came out last fall. Such amazing books!

Luisa said...

Pina coladas are amazing...and of course you have to have two, just like it says in the song. One for each hand!

Ashley said...

Okay my mind is exploding. How did you get Harry Potter on your Kindle? Amazon doesn't sell the kindle version (I thought).

Nicole Marie said...

you're so cute. and all that food looks so good.

Megan Joy said...

Is it July 15th yet?
tweet @_MeganJoy

Jane Marie said...

I have that same Kindle case! :)