Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekend Recap: Snow and a Big Sooner Win

This weekend, after an oh so lovely fall, winter finally hit here in Chicago! Though most lifelong Chicagoans were grumbling all week about the anticipated season change, I was kind of excited. (This probably speaks to my naivety and the fact that I have no idea just how awful midwest winters can be.)  Regardless, Chicago said goodbye to fall and hello to this...

DSCN3998.JPGSNOW!  And with snow comes hot chocolate, fires, snowmen, scarves, boots, mittens, and more.  Woo hoo for winter!  I know I'll only be singing this tune for a few weeks before I join those grumbly natives, complaining about the snow, sludge, and constant darkness of the city.  But for now, this Texas girl is living it up and loving the season change!

DSCN3995.JPGI had to work Saturday afternoon, but I couldn't leave without a picture or two :)

DSCN3996.jpgCoat: Zara
Scarf: Ann Taylor
Gloves: Nordstrom
Boots: North Face

These boots are my new snow boots.  They kind of remind me of that song "apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur, (with the fur).  Before visiting Chicago last January, I thought snow boots were a little excessive.  I just assumed all boots kept out snow, and if you were smart you just avoided big piles of now.  Lol, after that visit I learned better, and realized that snow boots are a major necessity living here.  So when I started my snow boot hunt, I really wanted to find snow boots that we're big, black, clunky and ugly.  And these did just the trick.  I made sure to ask the sales associate 945 times, "So I can traipse through the snow and sleet in these and my feet will stay warm and dry, right?"  They indulged me and nodded "yes" all 945 times.  And this weekend, I tested out their honesty and found out they work delightfully as promised.

DSCN3997.JPGDriving to work I couldn't help but snap a few pictures of the winter wonderland.  (Note: Though I do it occasionally when the coast is clear, I do not endorse picture taking while driving.  So Dad, please don't send me a driving safety email after you read this post.)

DSCN4000.JPGAnd in the spirit of OOTD pics, I ditched the coat for a few minutes after work for a few outfit pictures.

DSCN4002.JPGSilk top: vintage
Skirt: Zara
Necklace: vintage
Ring: vintage
Earrings: Matt's wedding day gift
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Anne Klein

DSCN3990.JPGI snagged this top on a thrifting adventure with my mom on my last visit home.  I took a bit of a chance on it, and I'm so glad I did.  It had shoulder pads that were terribly huge, but once I cut them out, I liked the fit so much better.

DSCN4003.JPGSaturday night we met some friends to watch OU battle Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship.  The OU Club of Chicago hosted a watch party at Joe's and it was SO fun!  There is nothing better than watching Sooner football with a room packed full of OU fans.

DSCN4004.JPGI got a wonderful surprise when I saw sweet Shelly, one of my sorority sisters at the watch party.  Have you even seen someone across the room and thought "Omg, that's so-and-so" and then thought "wait, that can't be them, they don't even live in this city."  But the more you look, the more you swear its so-and-so.  Lol, I totally had that experience when I saw Shelly last night. When I realized it was her and I wasn't crazy, I just about died.  So so great to see her and share a Kappa hug :)

DSCN4007.JPGRemember when I said there's nothing better than watching Sooner football with a room packed full of OU fans?  I lied.  There is one thing better.  Watching the Sooners WIN with a room packed full of OU fans!  It was a close game, but we eeked out a win, 23-20.  Boomer Sooner!

DSCN4009.JPGThere's only ONE Oklahoma!  Such a fun night and SO happy OU got the win!

Today was a total lazy day.  I slept till almost 11 (amazing) and then spent the "morning" perusing blogs with hot chocolate in hand and Pandora Christmas in the background.  Then I found out Matt's Christmas present was going to take 33 days to ship (aka not in time for Christmas.)  So I was forced to join the hoards of shoppers who were out shopping for their perfect gifts.  But the trip wasn't all bad, I picked up a few things for myself and nibbled on an Aunt Annie's pretzel.  Ok, I lie, I didn't nibble, I devoured.  Those things are so good they should be illegal.  Well, not illegal, because then I'd forced to break the law, but you know what I mean.  They should come with a warning that says "Don't eat this if you want to look civilized or like you have any self control at all."  Damn you Aunt Annie's.

So that's my weekend in a nutshell; how was yours?  Do tell, I'd love to hear!


Glitterista said...

Allison--I thought of you last night when the OU game was so exciting! Glad you're enjoying the gorgeous snow for now. I just love the big flakes and white blanket of snow. My weekend was full of studying and finishing projects for finals--can't wait to be done with the semester! :)

ManoloChooLou said...

You look great! The snow is so pretty--I'm eagerly waiting for the first snowfall in Boston. I don't know if I could tolerate the Chicago winters...

I was watching the game last night, too. I'm a Nebraska graduate :) Losing to Oklahoma is a lot better/easier than losing to Texas! Great mutual respect between the programs/fans.

Have a great week!

CMae said...

I had that happen to me at the Vegas airport. (the whole see someone you know but doubt its them thing bec you are states away)

..This guy was totally staring at me and he even walked over and said my was someone I went to college with (But really didn't know to well) then we connected Via Facebook and then the airport...super strange..haha He flew in the same flight as my boyfriend was on flying in from Ohio to Vegas. Craziness/

Miranda said...

I recently stumbled upon your blog and must say I die for your eclectic style! It looks like you have a collection of great vintage finds. Could you share any good places in Houston to thrift?

Amanda said...

We just got a big huge snowfall on Saturday! So much fun to play outside in it.

The hair is looking really pretty, lady!

caraheck said...

love the outfit! and small world freaking world i went to high school with her!

Kris said...

Great pictures!Great post!... It hasn't snowed yet here, but I'm hoping when it does we get snowed in. lol...

PursuitOfLLT said...


I definitely recommend the Hunter boots! They make a world of difference when you're walking and you reach the curb and there's 4" of slush. You can step right in it and move about your business!

I have the Navy short ones, but sort of want a pair of tall black ones. (totally unnecessary!) I would recommend getting them and definitely buying the liners too---they'll keep your feet warm bc without them it feels like the snow is touching you even though the boots are made of thick rubber.

And you can totally get away with them at a restaurant/bar, I wore them countless times last year with a dress/tights, skinny jeans, etc and no one even batted an eye at them :)

Hope this helps!

PS. I can't remember if I commented yesterday or not but love the dress and that blouse! I'm totally impressed that you altered the shoulders and it looks fab!