Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Tasting Room

The three day weekend has come and gone, sigh.  (It was really only a two day weekend for me, but that’s longer than normal so I’ll take it.)  Why is it that long weekends always turn me into a greedy little monster, wanting more more more?  Seriously.  It’s not nice.  Or attractive.

But anyway…Matt and I enjoyed our little staycation together, and as we climbed into bed on Sunday night, he both commented on how much fun we had.  And in between reruns of Flipping Out and Whale Wars (why do I find that show so disturbingly addicting?) we made some time to head into the city to spend the afternoon/evening with Matt’s cousin Ian and his girlfriend Sarah.  Matt and I were the last ones in the family to meet Sarah, and everyone adores her so much, I was anxious to meet her.  And after meeting her, I realize why everyone loves her so much.  Super sweet.  And well, I’ve always loved Ian, and not just because he brags about my blog whenever we catch up.  (Thanks Ian!)

My pictures from the night didn’t really turn out, but nonetheless, here are a few shots from our Saturday night.

DSCN3635-2Ok, well this picture isn’t from dinner, but I wanted to show yall my new BFF.  I have been looking for a little black leather jacket for three years, but I refused to settle until I found one I really loved.  When I put this one on at Ann Taylor, I knew I could stop looking.  I LOVE it.  And for my Texas friends, yes, it really was chilly enough on Saturday to warrant this outfit.  Crazy, I know.

Jacket: Ann Taylor
Tshirt: the Gap
Necklace: Target (long one), gift from high school friend (short one)
Earrings: Target
Sunnies: Juicy

DSCN3638For dinner we headed to The Tasting Room in the West Loop.  Matt read some good things about this place, so we decided to give it a try.  Their wine list was insanely amazing.  And not amazing like only-fancy-pants-wine-drinkers-would-care, amazing like, so much to choose from, really well put together list, and wines I’ve never seen anywhere else.  Their flights had crazy cute names, and I decided on the “Trucker Hat” flight as a nod to B. Spears’ Cheetos loving days.  Brit Brit will always be my girl.

DSCN3636 The cute couple that we had tons of fun with!

DSCN3637 Me and Matty :)

DSCN3645 Ok, so this picture is terrible, I know, but Matt’s chicken and waffles were just too droolworthy not to show.  Yum yum.  I could really go for another bite right about now…

DSCN3648 Me and my first glass of Dom Perignon.  Well technically, it was second glass, because two sips into the first one, I knocked my entire glass over, complete with the cracking of the glass.  Awesome.  But I wasn’t about to let that be the end of my Dom experience.  I gave the waiter my best pouty eyes and he brought me another glass on the house.  Hey, use what you got, right? :)

DSCN3650 Tableside smores wrapped up our meal and our fun night with Ian and Sarah.  PS: I still prefer Matt and I’s homemade version of smores to this fancy one.  Just saying.  Sometimes the cheapie version is better.

DSCN3652 We had so much fun, we’re already plotting ways we can get these two back the Chicago.

So that was our Saturday night detour from a total staycation weekend.  What about you?  How was your three day weekend?  Are you back to the weekly routine or are you still feeling a little three day weekend greedy like me? :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome outfit! Love the leather!

Tina said...

Woooow! Fancy smores! Very nice! Homemade smores on top of the grill are way better though, I agree. LOVE that leather jacket! Theres another one of your investment pieces right there! Looks great!! And I seriously googled the tasting room to see if there was one in NYC :( Now I gotta drive 10 hrs to go there!

caknitter said...

As always the food looks delish! Wow thanks for sharing. You two always find the best places to eat :-)
I'm sure you've already heard since you're one of her biggest fans, but Britney Spears will be on Glee in a few weeks. I can't wait to see it. Have a great week!

Tamara Nicole said...

Ok loving that necklace! Glad you guys had fun, and seriously this weekend went wayyyyy too fast:-)

ElleBelle said...

I have never been to the Tasting Room! Is it worth it??

If you every need any Chicago recommendations, let me know! :)

SBG said...

so cute! good drinks = good times!

Alicia said...

sounds / looks like it was an amazing weekend! the tasting room sounds like so much fun!

Ashley Stone said...

CUTE jacket!!!

Anonymous said...

Love that jacket! Table side smores?! Sounds like heaven!

p.s. I am having an Ann Taylor Loft giveaway if it interests you! xo

Tina said...

LOVIN the jacket! The food and wine looks amazing & I've never heard of tableside smores but love the idea! I have to get back to Chicago!!!! I really like how you take advantage of living there and go to so many wonderful places.
One thing I must say - I don't get the obsession with Britney - I think it's generational...I've noticed only girls about 4+ years younger than me (I'm 32) seem to really like her. I guess if you grew up with her it makes sense...

Nicole Marie said...

mmm yum yum wine :)