Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thrifted Green Silk + Pastel Nails + Floral Bling

Just popping in to share a recent outfit.  It's been hard to snap outfit pictures since I've been on internship, partly because Matt usually snaps my photos, and also because I typically don't leave work until it's dark outside.  Major bummer for both outfit photos and my sanity lol.  But I managed to snap a few quick (and slightly blurry) Instagram pictures before I left the house on Monday morning, so here you go!

IMG 0501I snagged this green silk blouse several weeks ago while "treasure hunting" at Savers, my favorite thrift store.  I love their store for multiple reasons, and it's rare that I leave there without something.  I've had good luck there with vintage silk blouses, including this green one as well as the printed blouse at the top of this post from November.  I paired it with a pair of black Ann Taylor cigarette pants and black heels.

IMG 0509I am loving the pastel trend this spring, and since I don't have a ton of pastels hanging in my closet, I've been incorporating the pretty palate into my manicures.  This week it's Essie French Affair + Ulta Tutu Cute.  (Sidenote: I've been really happy with Ulta's line of nail polish.  I snagged this bottle when they had a Buy 2, Get 2 Free promotion.)

IMG 0502Did I mention this green gem was $1.99?  That's right...a silk blouse for half the price of your morning latte.  Score!

IMG 0508As I got ready to leave, I thought my outfit needed a little more punch, which reminded me of one of my very favorite pair of earrings.  Bold and blingy, these jeweled lovelies are right up my alley.  I love that they pack a punch without being chandelier style.  I snagged them several years ago at one of those super cheapie jewelry stores (Rue 21 I think?).  I'm sure a few of my coworkers thought I was a bit crazy, but sometimes, I just need to let my Texas shine :)

Anyone else have any favorite thrift or sale finds lately?  If so, leave a link or a comment below and share!  I love hearing the joys of other people's treasure hunts :)


Brady said...

You are the cutest, always.

Kayla Flewelling said...

I love your comment about "let my Texas Shine"!! YEA!!

I was wondering do you have any tips or hints about painting your nails? What tricks have you learned..etc?

I have tried a MILLION times to paint my nails myself and have read countless blogs about how to do it properly..but I just can't get it right!

Molly said...

I totally agree with you re: Ulta's nail polish. It's spectacular!

Adding Savers to my "must find" list. Thanks for the tip.

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

just found your blog!
love the manicure, essie is my new fave polish brand.