Thursday, March 8, 2012


Life{via my pinterest}

Hello dear friends!  I cannot believe it has been two weeks since my last blog post!  This has been my longest blog silence since I started this little blog!  I wish I could say it was an intentional break, a choice to unplug, regroup, and unwind.  But the truth is, the past few weeks have been a bit crazy.  After our fabulous trip to Vegas (recap post in the works), I came back to lots of great news regarding job and postdoc interviews for next year.  January was a whirlwind of applications, followed by a whirlwind of waiting in February.  But the past few weeks, good news has been coming in, and I've been struggling to juggle my crazy job, commuting back and forth to Chicago, and interviewing both in person and over the phone.  I have two more interviews next week, and then hopefully I'll hear some more permanent news.  But if not, I'll just keep chugging along, applying and interviewing, working to get my little butt back to Chicago next year!  I hope your Friday is fabulous, and whether you're preparing for a busy or restful weekend, I hope it's just what the doctor ordered!


Wittschen's said...

I love reading your blog and caught myself on multiple occassions checking in to see if you had done another post. :) thought maybe my Google reader wasn't working. Sounds like you have been busy. Good luck with all the interviews!!!

Glitterista said...

Glad to hear so many positive things are on the horizon for you! Fingers crossed you get fabulous post-doc news soon. Enjoy your weekend. :)