Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Month from Today...

...this is happening.  And I literally cannot wait.  Seriously.  I could watch the trailer 945 times a day.  And get chills.  And squeal.  And then text Matt that we need to get our midnight premiere tickets asap.  Like I said, I literally cannot freaking wait.

And for what it's worth...a few of my thoughts about the casting.

Katniss...perfect, brillant, and no one else besides Jennifer Lawrence could play the girl on fire.  Love.

Peeta...ehh, not quite how I pictured him, but not totally different either.  I'm cool with it.

Gale...hottie pattottie.  Perfect casting.

Cinna...Lenny Kravitz, hell yeah.  I don't know that I ever had a clear picture of Cinna in my mind, but oh my goodness, this was a fabulous casting.  Love, love, love.

Rue...another perfect choice.  And if you watched Columbiana, she was little Zoe Saldana, aka a total mini bad ass.

President, no no.  This is probably my least favorite casting.  I pictured him a little younger, creepier, and with more snakelike features.  Not a match at all.

Haymitch...the hair is dead on, but Woody Harrelson kind of creeps me out.  Perhaps because I had an awful middle school kiss in the movie Kingpin.  The only thing worse than a creepy movie or an awkward middle school kiss is an awkward middle school kiss in a creepy movie.  So yeah, Woody, I'm gonna have to close my eyes when you're on screen.

Effie Elizabeth Banks, but I wish they wouldn't have doctored her up so much.  I pictured Effie to be less alien-like, and more freakishly put together, perfected by the Capital ways.  Almost like Rita Skeeter from Harry Potter.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I pictured Rita Skeeter the whole time I was reading the books.  Fail.

Caesar Flickerman...Stanley Tucci can do no wrong.  Love him.

Ok, that wraps up my Hunger Games ramblings for the week.  I will try to keep my freakish fan posting to a minimum.  But as the next month winds down, I can't promise I won't have a few minor freak outs.  And for my fellow HG fans, I'm dying to hear your thoughts on the casting!  Who fits and who doesn't?  Do tell!


Anonymous said...

Katniss- 100% agree. Perfect casting so far. She IS Katniss.

Peeta- This one makes me sad. I pictured him as a stronger looking male. And it doesn't help who they casted as Gale is so gorgeous!

Snow- agree, too normal. I don't feel like I would be terrified of him

Haymitch- This was just my mind creation, but I always pictured a normal-sized, skinnier Hagrid. Woody is too familiar for this role (I hope to be proven wrong though!)

Effie- I will have to see this play out in the movie. She seems a little young for this role

Stanley Tucci- genius

Cina- okay for some reason I always pictured a very serious David Tetura. I know, weird, but that was the image in my head. I guess it makes sense bc he is one of the only males on tv that we see dressing women and is very creative

I will conclude with:
I am happiest about: Katniss casting
I am most disappointed about: how they have portrayed the outfits so far! These books oozed fashion and they had an opportunity to create beautiful costumes. I think they may have missed the mark here (another area I hope I am proved wrong in!)

- Kenzie

Tina said...

ahhhh!! cant wait!!! i love ALL the casting for the book. not gonna lie, even haymitch! i always think woody harrelson is drunk to begin with so i think he'll be an awesome haymitch lol i love the actor who plays president snow and i KNOW he can pull off this proper villain really well so i think he'll be really good [especially in the next two books when snow is more involved] i think EVERYTHING they've shown so far in the trailers is perfect and exactly what i imagined! i cant wait to see what the avox's look like as well as cinna's team! and the sets! like what the HELL will the cornacopia look like?? exciting!!! OOh!! and thought you should know, next month im going to disney and spending a whole day at THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER!!! :D CANT WAIT TO TRY SOME BUTTERBEER!!!!

Molly D said...

I agree with your casting comments :). I only sort of wish that Liam Hemsworth was Peeta so I could see much more of him in this movie...although since Gale has a bigger role in the last book, I'm sure I won't be disappointed!

Ashley said...

No you are not the last! haha I just picked up the box set this past weekend and am about to dive into it tonight - I wasn't sure about them, but since there's been such hype and a movie coming out soon I thought I'd give them a go. Now that I've seen your post I'm so excited to jump in - albeit very late! So hoping to love it as much as you and what seems like the rest of the planet. What was your favourite book in the series?!

Dana Parcher said...

I pretty much agreed with all you said about the castings! I am just starting book three! Obsessed!

Norma said...

If you haven't bought tickets let me know! I NEED to see this!


Lauren K said...

I'm just as excited as you are!!

I think they did a pretty great job casting-wise, but there are a few stand outs for me...

Cinna- While I think Lenny Kravitz will be beyond my head he looked like a super young Jeff Goldblum. Totally weird, but that's what I came up with. So yeah, he'll take getting used to.

Peeta - he looks too young to me. Katniss looks old for her age, but I feel like he looks like a baby compared to her.

Haymitch and Ceaser- I think they're both a really great match!

President Snow - no no no. Honestly, I picture a Ralph-Fiennes-as-Voldemort look-a-like the whole time.

So excited : )


Anonymous said...

I just read the books! I can't wait for the movie. My main complaint is that Peeta is nothing like I pictured him!! Although there was a point in the book when it described his blond hair and I went, what!?? So I didn't even agree with how he was written, lol!

Cely @ Running off the Reese's said...

I totally envisioned Rita Skeeter tooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes me feel so much better.

Michelle said...

Loved the Hunger Games!!! I was just working on a blog post about the first book. So glad to find your blog!


Michelle said...

I loved the Hunger Games!! I was just working on a blog post about the first book. So glad I found your blog!


Loren said...

I agree with your comments!
Love all the casting choices except for Peeta. Not a good choice at all, in my opinion...which makes me sad because I really like him in the books and I don't like who's playing him at all :(
Buutttt, that won't stop me from seeing them!! :)

Diana Mathias said...

I completely agree with you on the thoughts of casting. Peeta needs to look like a blonde version of the guy playing Gale. Snow should be younger and less santa looking. Can't wait to see it!!!!!

Kate said...

I am very excited for this movie since I'm a HUGE fan of the books. I'm not really sure about anyone in the cast to be honest, but I guess I'll have to watch the movie and see what I think. I do like what I've been of Effie's character though. She looks as eccentric as I imagined. Jennifer Lawrence is a very good actress, but I'm still not sure if I see her as Katniss.

Vanessa said...

I haven't read the books (I know, I'm crazy), but I'm looking forward to breezing through them before the movie comes out. =)