Monday, February 6, 2012


Picnik collage1. Homemade spicy BLTs, the best Saturday lunch treat ever!
2. Saturday matinee of The Woman in Black, which if you follow me on Facebook, you know I thought was insanely scary (and very true to the original London play!)

Picnik collage23. Excited to get my new Hana dryer (c/o Misikko) in the mail.  You can see me opening my giant box in my first ever blog video here.
4. Matt and I recently started juicing, and this was one of my favorite concoctions from the weekend.  Carrots, oranges, apples, and ginger root...yummy!

Picnik collage35. My Saturday night dinner with friends outfit.  I snagged this sweater from Anthropologie right before Christmas and am so in love with it.  I saw it on a woman in Ann Taylor and chased her down to ask her about it.  I went to the mall the next day, found it, and made it mine.  It's my first "have to have it impulse buy" in a long time, and I don't regret it one bit.  (That's how I know I really love it!)
6. Working on job and postdoc applications at a coffee shop most of Sunday.  Luckily, I got news of my first interview this morning, woo hoo!

Picnik collage47. Manicure of the week.  OPI Glitzerland+Essie Haute as Hello.  The Essie polish is much more peach than the picture lets on, and I can't help but get a peek into spring when I look down at my ring finger!
8. Watching the Superbowl at home, loving all the extras outside of the game.  My favorite commercial?  Definitely the naked MMs :)

How was your weekend?  What's new?


Anonymous said...

Love the sweater!! It's gorgeous :)

Don't you just love instagram!? I'm on there too - teachinginheels

Vanessa said...

Your snippets from the weekend make me want Friday to be here ASAP! My favorite part of last weekend was a thrifting trip to a nearby town, followed closely by a relaxing night of catching up on all my favorite shows. =)