Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wonton Valentine

Given that Valentine's Day was during the week this year, it meant a Valentine's dinner with Matt was out of the question.  As much as we love each other, I couldn't justify a 4 hour round trip just to have dinner together on a Tuesday night.  However, given that 2 out of the 3 other interns are away from their sweeties this year, we decided we would band together and celebrate the special occasion together.  Then at the last minute, we got asked to do an outreach presentation, and well, given that we were already solo, we decided why not?  So after we got off work late last night, we headed straight for an easy crowd pleaser...Chinese food.  Nothing says sexy like red wine and wontons :)

Picnik collageTea for the table.
One of each, please.

Picnik collage2Egg drop soup.
"Cheersies."  My new favorite word during dinner toasts.

Picnik collage3I had the brillant idea to take pictures with our sweeties.  It was almost like they were there at dinner with us :)

Picnik collage4Calories don't count on holidays.
I had the lamest fortune ever.  (Apparently the cookie gods are trying to keep me accountable for my 2012 focused effort.)

So even though I wasn't with Matt on the big day, I still had a blast celebrating with 2 people who are making this internship year more bearable.  How did you celebrate yesterday?  I bet you can't compete with my fried rice date night :)


Nicole Marie said...

hahahah love the pictures with the pictures

Whitney said...

Sigh. Reading this before dinnertime made me very sad that I have to reheat my leftovers and not have delicious wonton goodness.

Oh, and happy belated Vday! :) I hope you and Matt have a wonderful weekend together!