Monday, November 28, 2011


Instagram11. Flowers delivered to my office two weeks ago with a note from Matt reading "Congratulations Dr."  He's definitely a keeper :) 2. Thrifted silk top with my new favorite Loft scarf {available here} 3. White bean and chicken chili {recipe here} 4. It's almost winter in Chicago, which means a trip to stock up on firewood.  Dear Winter, please be kind.

Instagram2One of my favorite nooks in our house, ready for dinner with friends, and complete with a dinner menu for the night {apple cinnamon cake recipe here} 6. A movie date with Harry, Hermione, and Ron. 7. Nerd alert: I got in the spirit by wearing authentic Harry Potter glasses, courtesy of dollar store sunglasses with the lenses popped out.  I'm mature, I promise. 8. Homemade smores treats, so yummy!

Instagram39. Our office hosted Operation Beautiful last week on campus, and this was one of my favorite messages given out to students. 10. A trip to the dentist, aka the most horrible place on Earth! 11. Baklava at a local Greek restaurant. 12. Cute turkey cookie for the few staff members who worked through most of Thanksgiving break.  Almost too cute to eat.  Almost :)

Instgram413. Our first fire of the season! 14. Last weekend, Matt and I drove to Ohio to be with my grandmother as she had heart surgery, and we had the most amazing salad ever at Northstar Cafe.  (She is doing better now FYI!) 15. My fabulous Black Friday purchase from Talbots.  I don't know why this gold puffy vest spoke to me, but it did, and I love it.  I feel like Missy Elliott in Supa Dupa Fly meets Real Housewives of Orange County lol. (PS: Don't lie, that Missy video is an old school classic and you're secretly going to jam out all day at your desk.) 16. Pandora Christmas, a permanent fixture in my office and house for the next 27 days.  Heck yes.


Jamie said...

I love all of your "sprinkles" and thought of you today as I got my game on with Loft's 50% off sale! I love your puffy vest and you definitely pull it off so well!

Tamara Nicole said...

Your glasses are too cute! :-) And that soup looks yummm

Alivia said...

Oh I love this post! Amazing way to update!

Lindsay said...

I know that Missy Elliot video!! Ahhhhhh hahahahahahaa

But that vest looks super cute on you :)

LaLa's in the Land of Enchantment said...

I had just come off of a Missy Elliot run....and now I'm back on it again.... :)

Loqua57 said...

I love your thrifted top/pink scarf combo!! SO CUTE! Where do you go thrifting?