Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year and a Focused Effort

Hey friends, happy new year! Its hard to believe 2010 came and went so fast and that we are already two days into 2011.  Crazy.  I hope you all brought in the new year just how you wished, surrounded by people you love.  Matt and I spent New Years Eve with some of my friends and coworkers from the store, as my boss and her husband opened their home to friends on New Years.  (The same wonderful couple who hosted us for Thanksgiving.)  The party was fairly low key, with great people, great food and lots of bubbly.  Matt and I had lots of fun and were both so happy to be snuggled in our beds just after 1:00 am.  My party animal skills have never been quite on par with my peers :)

DSCN4319.JPGAs long as I've got this guy next to me at midnight, I'm a happy girl :)

DSCN4321.JPGCheers to a new year, filled with adventure, change, love, and lots of happiness!

DSCN4323.JPGOk, and lots of kisses too :)

And speaking of New Years, I bet you're wondering about my resolutions.  Well, I should tell you, I don't make "resolutions."  Nope, no sir, not here, not me.  I don't make resolutions, just like I don't go on diets.  Because if you read my New Years post last year, you know diets and resolutions just tease me with things I can't do and can't have.  So I'm a fan of "focused efforts."  Yes, very similar to resolutions, I know, but in my crazy head, less of a cruel tease.  Last year, while perusing the blogosphere, I heard about the idea of creating a phrase or word to capture your "focused effort."  Something you can say to yourself to remind yourself in times of temptation to help you make a more informed choice.  Last year, my phrase was "use what you have" in an attempt to stop being so wasteful and use the things I already have and love.  This year's focused effort is almost identical, but with more of a money component.  "BUY LESS."  Yep, that's it.  Just two little words to keep in my head for 2011.

I've shared my focused effort with a few people, and most have laughed at me.  (Apparently its no secret I'm dangerous with an Amex.)  But I'm pushing the laughter aside and reminding myself why I'm choosing to focus on these two words.  I have so much stuff.  Literally.  Its disturbing.  So many clothes, so many candles, so many rolls of gift wrap, so many headbands, so many books to read.  I have so much jewelry, so much makeup, so much stationary, so much much stuff!  I don't even see, much less use, have of what I have.  And yet, I buy buy buy.  Why I do this is another story, but the effects are nothing but negative.  Less space, less money, less clarity, less creative effort.  So while I'm not kidding myself with the phrase "buy nothing" (because that is beyond laughable) I really do want to focus on buying less and focusing on the things I already have and love.

So that's how I'm gearing up for 2011, what about you?  If you're making a "focused effort" this new year, do share, I'd love to hear!


CMae said...

I think that is a good focused effort to have! :) Unfortunately for girls, we often get sucked into that mode of "I must have every shade of nail polish" or the same pair of boots in every color...I often sit back and laugh at this...I think at one time If I really liked a shirt, I would buy it in more than one color!

Glitterista said...

Love the focused effort--my goal for this week before school starts again is to do some major purging and organizing, and that should help me with this as well! Happy New Year! :)

delia said...

I have quite the to do list for 2011 but mainly to be happy. And not be so hard on myself.

As for "buy less" I'm off to the malls in a bit :) Long overdue for some shopping.


Amanda said...

I like how you decided to do a Focused Effort instead of a resolution. And the buy less is something that we all struggle with. I know that when I see a blogger post some wonderful new item of clothing they get or the perfect set of notebooks, I automatically click the link and envision getting it.

Stick with it, girlfriend! :)

Anonymous said...

I know that I can benefit from "buy less" this year too. Great focus for the year :)

PursuitOfLLT said...

I'm with you. I don't do resolutions. I just try to be a better person. Which always needs work!

And the buy less is perfect. I have so much stuff. I don't have enough room, I don't use 1/2 of it, and yet I pay for stuff all the time. It's just silly. I need to be more practical!!

Running Off The Reese's said...

What a great idea! I definitely could use your "buy less" motto. Cute pictures!

Alan said...

Good luck with "buy less". Spending can be addicting. My focused effort is "Change my brain" (re: Dr Daniel Amen). Happy New Year!