Monday, January 10, 2011

Lost Post: A Quick Visit, the Christkindlmarket, and Rockit

In all of the Christmas craziness, I totally forgot to post these pictures!  Our friend Edgar was in Chicago the week before Christmas for two days for a stop off on his interview tour.  (Edgar is a friend from grad school so he is currently going through the same weird interview process as me.)  Though it was a quick trip, it was so good to see him and show him a little bit of our city.  I had to work most of the time he was in town, but I managed to snag Friday night off for a little fun.

DSCN4095.JPGFriday night, we all met up at the Christkindlmarket market (previously mentioned in my Christmas recap post.)  I expected it to be fairly crowded a week before Christmas, but thankfully it wasn't too bad.  I wasn't quite sure where the market was, but our friends told us to walk down Dearborn and look for the big Christmas tree.  Sure enough, it was impossible to miss.  So pretty, especially to see in the middle of freezing cold Chicago!

DSCN4097.JPGWe made an instant beeline for the gluhwein stand.  If you haven't had gluhwein, you are missing out!  Its a mulled wine, popular in Europe, typically served around the holidays.  Its basically a cross between hot apple cider and red wine.  Yum!  I first had it when my parents moved to London, and then my mom started serving it at my parents annual Christmas open house.  Then when my mom and I went to Belgium for a Christmas market, I practically lived off of it because it was so insanely cold when we were there.

DSCN4091.JPGEdgar warming up with some Gluhwein.  Having Edgar (a fellow Texan) in Chicago, made me realize how much I've acclimated to the cold weather here in Chicago.  While I was no doubt freezing this night, poor Edgar was in pain he was so cold lol.  Walking to the market I couldn't stop laughing at Edgar's spontaneous shrieks and shrills from being so cold.

DSCN4093.JPGOur favorite Chicago friends!  Without them, we wouldn't have seen half of what we have in Chicago.

DSCN4099.JPGHahaha, this picture makes me laugh out loud.  Edgar's face, the steam from our mugs, remembering how cold we all were and how fast we were trying to drink the gluhwein, lol.  A fun memory for sure.

DSCN4090.JPGCheers to the holidays, friends in town, and loving our fun city!

DSCN4092.JPGNothing like life-long friends to keep you laughing and keep you warm!

DSCN4101.JPGFor dinner, we headed to Rockit, a posh little burger joint that has recently won a ton of accolades and awards.  It was named by the Tribune as one of the top ten celebrity hangouts in Chicago, so I tried to keep my picture taking to a minimum so I didn't seem like "that person."  But don't kid yourself, if Brit Brit would've walked in, all my cool would have gone out the window.  PS: Matt and I split the Rockit burger: kobe beef, melted brie, fried shallots, and medjool date aioli on a red onion brioche bun with truffle fries.  OMG.SO.GOOD!

DSCN4103.JPGI did manage to have my friend Matt snap this picture of me, because I wanted yall to see my nails.  They're still super hard to see, but if you squint or zoom, maybe you'll get an idea.  I wanted something fun for the holidays, so when I got a manicure, I had them do a gold metallic polish with black polka dots.  It almost looked leopard, but not quite, and though my husband thought I'd lost my mind, I thought it was a fun change :)

DSCN0559.JPGAnd since I've posted twice recently about Christmas markets, I thought I'd dig up a picture of my first Christmas market, in Belgium with my mom!  At Christmastime in 2008, my parents were still living in London, so Matt and I went there for Christmas.  I flew over a few days early though so my mom and I could take a girls trip to the Christmas markets in Belgium.  (My parents went to the main market in Germany and came back with rave reviews.)  It was a short trip, but we squeezed in a lot of laughs, a lot of walking, and a lot of shopping.  Here we are in Bruges at the market square.

DSCN0535.JPGAnd here I am, with food, no surprise lol.  Did you know french fries were invented in Belgium?  Who knew?

DSCN0509.JPGThe grand plaza in Brussels.  If you are ever in Europe at or around the holidays and have time for a side stop, the Christmas markets are wonderful!  But if you can't make it to Europe, just come to Chicago.  The weather is just as cold and the gluhwein is just as good.  And ps: I promise this is my last Christmas post of the season.  Pinky promise :)


Sassy In The South said...

Great pictures - I just love your hair!

PursuitOfLLT said...

The Rockit burger is one of my faves! They have good sweet potato fries too :) We go upstairs to the bar a lot, actually.

Belgium looked wonderful! I'm sure you had a lot of fun when you went! I love going to the Christkindlmarket, the toasted nuts are some of my faves!

RAW said...

The tree is so pretty. I love Christmastime (and am pretty bummed that the season is over)!

Gluhwein is the best--I'm actually surprised it hasn't caught on in the US. I had it for the first time when I was in Germany this past November. There were all kinds of Christmas villages set up--felt very festive and special. Now you make me want to visit Chicago at Christmastime to check out the "American" versions :)

Anonymous said...

It looked so cold!!!

I love the nails!! So festive too :)

jayme said...

yum! everything looks delish and my nails are basically identical to yours right now! aren't glittery nails so freeing!? your pictures are wonderful! xo

Alivia said...

You have the best, best recaps. I need lessons from you!

Kinsey Michaels said...

1) gluwein sounds AMAZING. must try it sometime
2) rockit will definitely be on my list of places to go when i visit chicago again! looks super trendy, and even better that the food lives up to all the accolades!

<3 love your recap!

amy kelinda said...

Woooooooooooow, what beautiful pictures and experiences! I can almost feel the cold and Edgar's pain, haha! And that mulled wine sounds absolutely perfect for a wintery day...

oomph. said...

great pictures...looks like fun times! i love seeing how different cities are decorated during the holidays...thanks for sharing!

Kristy Elena said...

Loving this post! Such warmth and energy, you look like you're having a ton of fun! And you're absolutely beautiful, great smile. That steaming mug shot is truly priceless!

I'm LOVING this look. Perfect for new year's! And your eye make up is really stellar! I'm so impressed. I can't get fake eyelashes on right for the life of me and have tried so many times. Yours are on perfectly w/ your first try!

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