Thursday, January 27, 2011

Small Victories

Umbrella{we heart it}

There hasn't been a lot of thrilling excitement around our house lately.  Its been a whole lot of work, snow, work, cold, work, sleep lol.  But I'm a big believer in celebrating the small things, so I thought I'd take a look at a few of my small victories from this week...

I went to the dentist for the first time in an embarrassingly long time.  And I mean a reeeally embarrassingly long time.  (As in like, 5 years.)  So bad, I know.  People often comment on how white and pretty my teeth are and I've used that as a crutch to not go to the dentist.  Even though my "white and pretty" teeth are 100% due to my parents spending bookoos of money on orthodonics.  Bookoos which resulted in two sets of braces, 3 retainers, oral surgery, rubberbands, and oh yeah, headgear.  (I'll pause with you as you laugh at the headgear mental picture.)  I was certain the dentist would tell me I needed 7 root canals or a set of dentures, but thankfully it wasn't quite that bad.

I lost 2 pounds this week.  Heck yeah, my new plan is working!  (And its a healthy, non-crash diet plan, don't worry.)  I'm pretty sure an entire pound of that loss was due to the fact that I took everything, even my hair rubberband, off before stepping on the scale lol.

I was featured on Amy K's fabulous blog sporting spring florals in the dead of winter.  If ya'll don't read her blog, you should, because her outfits are adorbs.  (I have no idea why I just typed adorbs; I've never said that in my life.  Weird.)

Matt and I finished our Chicago puzzle (mentioned in my last post.)  We'd hoped it would have taken a little longer (to stretch our entertainment dollar) but the thing was so dang addicting we couldn't stop working on it!  And after we finished last night, I totally get why some people glue and frame their completed puzzles.  Don't worry, we are not going to start lining our walls with completed puzzles, but its hard to just undo all of the hard work we did!  We're going to leave it out for another day or two and then break it down, put it in its box, and start again another day.

I took advantage of Gap's 40% off one item Facebook deal.  And guess what, I only bought ONE full price item (and two sale items.)  Yessss!  I feel so powerful over their clever marketing tricks which aimed to make me buy multiple full price items.  (And don't mention that because I bought one item I was still a victim to their tricks.  One is better than seven, so let me have my moment.)

One of the above sale items was a big, black, chunky cable knit infinity scarf.  Score.  It was $5.  Double score!  (I've been eyeing several on etsy, but couldn't pull the trigger on a few of the prices, so I say this one was meant to be.)

We finally took down our Christmas decorations.  Yes, I realize its the end of January.  I was starting to think of our tree as a nice touch of the outdoors that perhaps could stay all year.  Matt didn't agree.

Matt snagged us tickets to the opera (thanks Groupon!)  Should be interesting.  (Interesting as in I'll love it and Matt will fall asleep ten minutes in.)  But I'm hopeful.

I've only had Starbucks once in the past week.  ONCE.  My wallet and my thighs are totally thanking me, and it feels good to have some self control and stop throwing money at the man in the green apron.

We sent off the last of our Chirstmas presents.  Oopsie, sorry dear brother-in-law.

I got tickets to a reality-TV celebrity's book signing this weekend.  More details to come, but here's an early hint: She is a fellow KKG.

We finally saw Black Swan (last people on the planet, I know.)  And to the dad sitting a few seats down from me, you probably should have done your research before bringing your 14 year old daughter to the movie.  Just saying.

I made a yummy, healthy dinner without burning the house down or poisoning Matt.  Go me, go!

What small victories have you had this week?


Tamara Nicole said...

Good job on your small victories! I actually work for an orthdontist and it made me chuckle:-)

Mere said...

Sounds like a great week and def no judgement here about the dentist--I went in November for the first time since 2005! yikes! lol

caknitter said...

Hooray for small victories!
Are you going to Lo's book signing? If you are, please take some pics for us bloggers! She already made her way through town and didn't catch her. Oh well.

Reese's Runner said...

What did you think of Black Swan?? And I actually vacuumed (for the first time since you last went to the dentist).

amy kelinda said...

Hahahaha, you crack me up! I loved this post!

"I was starting to think of our tree as a nice touch of the outdoors that perhaps could stay all year. Matt didn't agree."

That literally made me LOL. And small victories can make a great week, so celebrate them! And congrats on going to the dentist, finishing your puzzle, losing weight, etc, etc! Heck yes!

My small victory of the week? Getting a parking spot on the 4th floor of our company garage (as opposed to me usual 10th) not one, but TWO days in a row. *fist pump*

Natalie said...

Haha, you're hilarious! Loved this list-- I feel inspired! Can't wait to hear about the book signing!

PursuitOfLLT said...

I'm all about small victories!!

Are you going to Lo's book signing?! I read about it the other week but I'm going on vacation and didn't have time to swing it. Fun! Also Black Swan terrified me a little bit. Not going to lie...

My small victories this week:
-not pigging out on chips and actually focusing on losing weight (brother is getting married in like 6 months. must lose lbs!)

-packing everything i need for a 10 day trip in a carry-on
-finding $5 in a pair of jeans. score!
-getting an gift card for $20 but paying only $10 for it.
-only have 1 pop this week with caffeine.
-found my favorite hair tie. FINALLY!

Have a great weekend, Allison!! And don't worry about the Austin recommendations, it was a ton of fun and I honestly would love to go back in the Spring/Summer with nice weather. I might need your list then :)

PursuitOfLLT said...

ugh, I just typed out a WHOLE huge response and then had to re-sign in so it got lost.

ANYWAY. All about the small victories! mine this week included:
-finally finding my fave hair tie from anthro
-not gorging on chips everyday and actually losing weight for my bro's wedding (in about 6 months. SLOOOOW and steady haha)
-having only 1 pop with caffeine

-packing for a 10 day trip in a carryon. i know, shocking.

are you going to lo's book signing!? i read about it online and wanted to go but am going on vacation and too busy to fit it all in! have fun if that's who you're refering to!

and black swan terrified me. can't even lie.

don't worry about the austin recommendations! i had SUCH a fabulous time and really want to go back in the spring/summer. it's such a cool city.

have a great weekend, allison!

Alivia said...

Yay, this post put me in the best mood! Thank you for sharing all of your awesome victories. And I still haven't seen Black Swan...yes, I know, I am a dance teacher and it's embarrassing. Also JUST took down the decorations. I thought the tree could've stayed forever, too :)

Anonymous said...

Love the small victories!! I find puzzles so addicting... Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

Kinsey Michaels said...

Yay, that's a lot of good victories! That was thougful of Matt to get you tickets to the opera. And whew, it must have been a good feeling finishing that puzzle.
If you are going to meet the adorable LO Bosworth, I'm jealous! Haha. Pleeeeeease pretty please take pics and tell us what shes like in person!

Whitney said...

ARE YOU GOING TO SEE LO BOSWORTH?!!?!! Freaking out. Amazon suggested The Lo Down as a book choice for me (most likely because of my recent LA Candy purchases).


London Lisa said...

These victories are hardly small! Congrats Lady! No you are not the last person to see Black Swan, I still haven't seen it yet! But have to before the Oscars. Have a lovely time at the Opera! Maybe if Matt smuggles in a snack he won't fall asleep?! :)