Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hockey Heaven and an OOTD

Hey there, just popping in to say "hi" after what might have been the greatest weekend in fall history!  But before I get into all the fall fun that was had this weekend, can we all take a moment to celebrate Saturday's Sooner win?  Woo hoo!  Oklahoma defeated the Longhorns 28-20, and I could not be more thrilled!  I was scheduled to work during the game, so for the first quarter my dad texted me to keep me up to date (thanks Dad!)  But midday, my manager realized we had too many people scheduled and asked if anyone wanted to head home early.  I could not volunteer fast enough.  I literally grabbed my bag, clocked out, and ran down the street to the closest sports bar.  Yes, ran.  Go ahead, get that mental, running down the street, in my high heel boots, for a sports bar, where I watched an entire football game alone.  Lol, yes, its probably exactly as you're envisioning.  I have no shame when it comes to my Sooners, and I will risk looking like a lonely loser to watch my team play.  Following the game, I immediately sent all my Longhorn friends a gloating text message.  I'm such a classy winner :)  BOOMER SOONER!

ou texas.jpg{}

In other weekend news, Friday night, Matt and I had planned to celebrate my blog's birthday with our friends Matt and Christie.  But after a week of not feeling so hot and working a lot, I decided to just have a sweatpants stay in kinda night.  But when the other assistant manager at "the store" asked me if I wanted to box seats to the Blackhawks game, I perked up.  How fast can you say, "Hell yeah!"  Though I am the world's girliest girl, I know my sports.  However, I'd never been to a professional hockey game!  (What can I say, Texas isn't exactly a hockey state.)  So, as soon as Matt and I got off work, we headed to the United Center for a night of hockey education.

DSCN3841.JPGOur seats were INCREDIBLE!  My friend Kathy's husband works for a fancy pants company in Chicago that happens to have a fabulous box at the United Center.  They weren't able to make the game, so at the last minute, they offered us their tickets.  How lucky are Matt and I?!  Watching the Stanley Cup champs, in awesome seats, with yummy food and alcohol, and all for free!  Eeek!  (Thanks Kathy and Mike!)

DSCN3842.JPGTaking in the action!

blackhawks game.jpgMatt snapped this pic with his iPhone.  So fun!

DSCN3845.JPGAbout halfway through the game, they bring the dessert cart around to all the suites.  Its loaded with the yummiest, most delightful desserts you can imagine.  Cakes, brownies, candies, cookies, an ice cream bar...oh how I'll dream about that cart!  And of course, you point to whatever you want and they charge it to the company's tab.  Matt and I decided on a mountain slice of carrot cake and rocky road brownie with ice cream.  They were oh-my-goodness-yummy!

DSCN3846.JPGDate nights are the best :)

DSCN3847.JPGHooray for a Blackhawks win!  I am so happy we got a chance to see attend our first hockey game, and in our new city no less.  I have admit though, I felt like a total fish out of water with the hockey knowledge.  I pride myself on being one of those girls who knows whats going on during the football game.  I can debate BCS rankings with the best of them and surprise the heck out of most guys in the room when they realize, oh yeah, I really do know my sports stuff.  But with hockey, sheesh, I was LOST.  I felt like one of those girls I roll my eyes at when they ask at the game, "Wait, whats going on, what happened?"  Lol, not a feeling I'd like to repeat :)

DSCN3850.JPGAnd here's what I wore to the game.  (Not the best pictures, especially since you can't see my beloved tall black scrunchy boots, but you get the idea...)


Blazer: The Limited Striped tee: Ann Taylor {here} Jeans: J. Crew {similar here} Boots: an cute Austin boutique that I can't remember the name of Necklaces: from my trip to Madrid; thrifted Bracelet: Ann Taylor {here} Earrings: wedding day gift from Matt Ring: David Yurman

Such a FUN weekend, and that's not even all of it!  Today Matt and I had the ultimate fall field trip, but I'm going to save that for a separate post since we took a bazillion pictures.  Annnd because I'm super behind on my freelancing and need to get started on my late night writing session.  Woo hoo!  How was your weekend, what'd ya do?  I'd love to hear!


juli (sweetpz) said...

So awesome you're such a football fan! Up in Canada here it's HOCKEY baby! So when i saw hockey in your title, i had to stop by and leave a comment =) Our team is looking good for a Stanley Cup this year. (even though the season hasn't started yet... LOL) Sorry to say the Blackhawks will not be repeating as champions... =)
Anyways, i hope you do get hooked on hockey, its an exciting sport to watch!


ElleBelle said...

1) I am SO SO glad you loved your first hockey experience! My family has season Hawks tickets, and I love having new people fall in love with my favorite sport! I think you should get a Leddy jersey-he is the player of the Hawks future!

2) How did you do your hair in that last picture? Did you use a curling iron or rollers; I love it!

ElleBelle ;)

Pilar said...

looks like you're enjoying chicago. this city is especially charming during the autumn season. it's so gorgeous outside.
ps. love your hair!

Norma said...

Great pics! I'm so glad you and Matt are doing such awesome things in Chicago!! =)

PursuitOfLLT said...

ohmygosh I die for the dessert cart!! That's the best part of being in boxes at the UCenter!! Glad you were able to enjoy the Hawks game...they're a pretty big deal now with the Stanley Cup!

I love that you went and ran to a bar to watch the Sooners, go you!

My weekend was truly a blur of celebrations and I need to pull it together and write an entry. I'm still so tired, though!

French lover said...

That is SO cool ! I love hockey (my fiancé is Canadian, I have to ;)) !! You look great :)

rlutz said...

hawks games are so awesome to see in person....even better when in a sky food and drink.
Sounds like you had a great weekend.