Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crosstown Classic

This past weekend, we were lucky enough to score tickets to the famous Crosstown Classic, the baseball showdown between Chicago's beloved teams, the Cubs and the White Sox.  My friend Kathy called Saturday afternoon while we were at the grocery store and told us she had four last minute tickets to the game.  She could barely get the words out before I said, "Of course we'll take them!"  Matt and I quickly stopped our heated debate over peanut butter and headed home to change :)  PS: Kathy and her husband are the same fabulous people who gave us Blackhawks tickets shortly after we moved to Chicago (see that post here).  Do I have super awesome friends or what?

5190784The weather was absolutely perfect.  Literally, we could not have asked for a more beautiful evening.  Our seats were amazing, and thankfully we got there just before the first pitch was thrown.

5190789I'm so grateful Matt and I get to have so many cool Chicago adventures together.  We've only been in this city for two years, and it really does feel like home already.

5190787It's not a baseball game without beer, right?  Unfortunately, I am not a beer drinker, though on occasions like this, I always wish I was, so I could get in the game day spirit a bit more!

5190788Even though I'm not a beer drinker, I'm pretty sure the guys made up for it ;)

5190790Wrigley Field, a totally unique baseball experience.  No jumbo tron, no fifth deck, no dot races.  Just baseball.

5190785Our friends Benge and Gisele were able to come along, and since they'll be leaving the Windy City soon, it was fun to share such an iconic Chicago experience with them.

5190800I cannot go to a baseball game without getting a soft pretzal!  I have a similar rule with cotton candy, though clearly the people at Wrigley didn't get the message, as there was no cotton candy in sight!  I'm gonna have to talk to "my people" about that :)

5190802Go Cubbies!

5190805Looking at this picture makes me realize I definitely should have sized down in this gingham button up.  Ick.  Too much fabric.

P5190811At this point the score was 7-0 White Sox, so we turned our attention away from the game and began our lookout for Hillary Clinton, who was rumored to be at the game.  Shortly after, she leaned over the railing of one of the boxes above us, giving the crowd a nice big wave.  Near the end of the game, her boss flew over the field in Marine One, and I may or may not have waived and yelled, "Obama, I love you!"  (If you're wondering why so many big wigs were in town this weekend, NATO was happening in Chicago, so the city was a bit crazy.)

5190810Hooray for a night at the stadium!  Though our team didn't come out on top, we still had an absolute blast!  A huge thanks to Kathy and Mike for the tickets; we are forever grateful for all the fun you gave us!


Jane Squared said...

What a fun night! I love your sunglasses. Where are they from?

Molly said...

SO. Much. Fun. Dying to get to a game at Wrigley (though as a Cardinals fan for life, I'm not sure I can root for the Cubs...). But how much fun to see the Crosstown Classic!?!?

Dave and Jenny McIntosh said...

I want that pretzel! It looks delicious@

Kelly said...

It was fun to run into you there! Oh, Chicago, such a little big city. :-)

Sarah said...

Love your pictures! I have the same camera :) did you use the flash at all during those last few evening shots? I'm struggling trying to take photos during that time of day without the auto flash which I feel really blows out all the pics!

Glitterista said...

What a fun game to go to! Wrigley is such a great experience--truly Chicago. ;)

Amy Ann said...

Love your sunglasses! Looks like a fun night.