Sunday, December 11, 2011


Collage1*Waking up Friday to the first snow of the season.  Hello Midwest winter, do be kind, please :)
*My favorite kind of weekend outfit: a tunic, leggings, and my favorite leather jacket.

Collage2*Manicure of the week: OPI's Not Like the Movies.
*We tried a new BBQ spot this weekend.  I was hopeful at first, but when the owners said they weren't from Texas, I was skeptical.  When I asked for ranch, and they said, "We don't have any ranch," I knew the place was a miss.  But the fried pickle spears?  They were pretty dang good :)

Collage3*So happy I have a husband who can cook.  And who looks cute doing it :)
*A Starbucks stop during our Saturday Christmas shopping.  Thanks to a gift card from my sister in law, Matt and I were able to enjoy our holiday favorites guilt free.  (Thanks Julie!)

Collage4*Saturday night we went Christmas party, and I wanted to look festive, but not too overdone.  I was smitten with this party dress+motorcycle jacket combo.  And the big earrings, a given for this Texas girl.  PS: wondering why I have an oatmeal canister in my bathroom?  You can read about that here.
*These were an Ann Taylor holiday purchase from last year, and I am so glad I snagged them.  They're over the top sparkly and the perfect addition to any outfit this time of year.

So what's the latest and greatest with you?  How was your weekend?


Glitterista said...

What a fun weekend! Love those gorgeous earrings and your fun holiday party look with the silky dress and jacket. :)

Ez said...

Hi Allison, loving your instagram pics, it is highly addictive!!

I have passed on a blog award to you, check out my latest post to see what you have to do :-)

I didnt think about the fact that its supposed to go to a blog that has less than 200 followers when I put your name down....I just enjoy your blog - hope thats ok :-)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun weekend :) Love those earrings. And I'll have to try the jacket with dress combo this holiday season...

Jamie said...

I love your outfit for your holiday party. The dress and jacket look adorable together!

Alivia said...

You've got to be one of the most beautiful bloggers around, dear! I love those earrings!!

Lindsay said...

Those earrings and that dress are to die for! OMG.

Anonymous said...

Allison-- Do you mind posting where you purchased your motorcycle jacket? i love it! looks like it's the perfect shape.. not too boxy but enough slouch! Thanks!