Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ann Taylor Christmas Fun

Most of you know that last year, during the year between me completing my coursework and starting my internship, I had a blast working retail.  I stayed mum about the retailer for most of year, but when a trip to New York came about, I spilled the beans.  I loved my year working for Ann Taylor, and I'm lucky enough to have a boss that lets me work seasonly if I want to.  (Weird fact about me: I love working retail on Black Friday and through the holiday season; the madness is energizing!)  I loved my year with Ann, but more than the clothes or the clients, I loved my coworkers.  They became my Chicago family, particularly since I started at the store two days after our moving truck pulled into Chicago.  Though I'm two hours away during the week, I still try to see the AT girls when I'm home on the weekends.  Two weeks ago, one of the girls hosted the store Christmas party, and it was so fun to get together and get crazy again.  It made me realize how much I miss them!

PC030455Our big happy AT family!  PS: we did a gift exchange at the party, and the gift I brought was that cute leopard cape on Kathy in the front.  I really wanted one for myself, but I showed restraint and stuck with the one :)

PC030435I'm not sure I could ever have a white Christmas tree, but Kasombra's tree was so pretty; I loved it!

PC030450Pretty sure Matt snapped this picture as my gift was "stolen" away from me.  I had initially scored a super cute bracelet, but I knew it wasn't going to last.  Someone snatched it up, which allowed me to "steal" a Starbucks gift card.  Perfect considering my recent ban on Starbucks!

PC030443Terri and Kathy, two of my very favorite people in the whole world!  My AT family has taken such good care of me, even as I've moved on to finish my Ph.D.  I am forever grateful for them and so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful group of women!

PS: Not sure if you remember the dress I wore in AT's runway show, but it's finally in stores (see it here).  It's been so fun to see it in the window displays and to think I wore it before anyone else!  By the way, a little birdie in New York told me that this was Demi Moore's favorite dress from the campaign she shot!

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Anonymous said...

How fun!! I'm sure there were some gorgeous fashiony presents being stolen around that party :)

Kinsey Michaels said...

aww i love it, it looks like you have a great group of co-workers! i worked in retail for a couple of years - once during the christmas season, and it was definitely crazy but the hours flew by, and i couldn't get enough of the discounts. that pic of you seeing your gift get stolen is too funny. at least you ended up with something good!