Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Arizona Recap

We've been back from Arizona for over a week, yet I'm just getting around to posting pictures...bad blogger!  We had a wonderful time in Phoenix, and it was so great to have the whole gang in Arizona.  Matt's sister and her two kids came in from California, Matt's brother Josh and his fiance Anthony flew in from New York, and Matt and I of course flew in from Chicago.  It was a full house, but we loved it.

DSC09083First stop on Davis family trips...brunch at The Good Egg.  Always followed by shopping.  The first time I met Matt's family, I knew I liked them.  Our priorities are the same...eat, shop, take pictures.

DSC09082Sibling love.

DSCN4785Another group shot, after a full day of cardio, err, I mean shopping.  After a quick rest we headed out to dinner to celebrate Matt's belated birthday.

DSCN4794To celebrate, Matt's dad picked a spot called The Mining Camp, a barbeque joint that has been in Mesa for over 4o years.  The food is served family style on giant platters and tin plates.  It sounded a little sketchy, but in the end, we all agreed it was the perfect choice.  Even the New Yorkers above liked it :)

DSCN4807Any reason to celebrate Matt is fine by me :)

DSCN4805Hahhhaa, I love this picture of Josh, his biscuit, and his baked beans.  We were all a combination of horribly disgusted and totally delighted with the amount of food that was on the table.  But in the end, we had no trouble packing away all that goodness.

DSCN4811The waitress was thrilled to hear it was Matt's birthday.  She brought out a homemade oatmeal cookie, ice cream, and a train whistle to accompany our table's rendition of happy birthday.

DSC09107Bowling with Matt and I's niece, Alex.  She is turning into quite the little fashionista!

DSCN4825At lunch, I couldn't help but order the fruitiest, girliest cocktail on the menu.  Back in Chicago it was cold and rainy, so I soaked up the Arizona heat and the opportunity to cool down with a fruity frozen beverage.

DSCN4830Anthony's first Pizookie experience.  I'm not sure how someone goes their whole life without that deep dish cookie/ice cream goodness, but Anthony had.  Clearly, we had to change that, but he didn't seem to mind :)

DSCN4850Our last night there, we headed out to Tucson for Matt's cousin's wedding.  The wedding was outside at the Westin La Paloma and it was beyond beautiful!

DSCN4856Matt's cousin, Ian and his gorgeous wife Sarah.  (Remember when they visited us back in September?)  Congrats you two!

DSCN4857That background makes it almost impossible to take a bad picture!

DSCN4848And because, I love this dress so much, I had to show yall a better picture.  I spotted this Tracy Reese dress at Anthropologie back in December and instantly fell in love with it.  Its the perfect combination of garden gnome and fairy princess!

Dress: Tracy Reese, Anthropologie
Earrings/Bracelet: Ann Taylor
Clutch: Coach

So there you have it, our yearly trip to Arizona.  We don't see Matt's family nearly enough, but thankfully we have both Matt's graduation and Josh and Anthony's New York wedding happening this fall, so we're sure to see them at least two more times this year.  And as always, thanks to the Davis family for adding me to your family and making me feel so welcome!



ilene @ muchloveilly said...

love your dress in that last pic! the colors are perfect. looks like so much in AZ! i was just there and some other friends - seems like AZ is the place to be lately!

Emily said...

Looks & sounds like a fun trip! PS: loving all of your outfits, cute!

Norma said...

you look sooo pretty!!

Whitney said...

Love the blue dress and the blue scarf! Beautiful! I hope you got some deserved R&R on this vacay...

Anonymous said...

You look so pretty. Can you do a post on how you stay so fit?

Lex C. said...

I LOVE Arizona! I used to live there!

you and your husband are so cute. I love your blue dress! You're so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming to our wedding! We always love seeing you guys. Looking forward to seeing you in NY in the fall.
Ian and Sarah

Lindsay said...

What a great trip! Matt's family looks like so much fun.

I absolutely love your dress - that color is so pretty!

Lauren K said...

The blue dress with the contrasting belt is so cute!

And your dress to the wedding looks like watercolors - so pretty!

Glad you had a good time : )

Lexi said...

That Tracy Reese dress is beautiful on you!

xox Lexi
Glitter & Pearls

One Step at a Time... said...

You've got gorgeous hair!!! LOVE how you style it!