Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Scoozie and an OOTD

One of my most favorite parts about living in Chicago is the constant flow of visitors.  Its seems like every other week someone we know is in town for business, to see family, or just for a quick weekend getaway.  Matt and I always laugh that we had more visitors in our first two months of living in Chicago than we did during our four year stay in tiny Texas grad school land.  (We laugh, but its true.)  So last week when my friend and sorority sister Emily emailed me to let me know she'd be in town for a few days, I was thrilled!  There are few things I love more than seeing old friends and showing off our fabulous city, so the chance to combine the two is a definite win in my book!

DSCN4762We met for dinner and drinks at Scoozi, one of the oldest Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants in the city.  I'd heard pretty good things about it and had been wanting to try it for a while, so luckily Emily was trusting and up for trying something new.  And in shocking dinner news, Matt and I arrived early!  I didn't even know I was capable of such things :)

DSCN4763And you know what they say...the early bird gets the wine!  So wine we did :)  Scoozi's wine list was posted on the wall, and I was grateful for the variety in both type and price.  (Sometimes wining and dining in Chicago can get a bit insane pricewise. so its always refreshing when restaurants here have options.)

DSCN4767Emily (on the right) and her good friend Holly (who after 5 minutes I felt like I'd known for years.)  I love that they have been friends forever and though they live in different cities, they make it a point to travel together every so often.

DSCN4769Matt's birthday didn't technically start for a few more hours, but I couldn't resist the chance to surprise him with a birthday dessert.  Unfortunately our server didn't catch my stealth signals, so I pretty much spelled it out in front of Matt (and half the restaurant) that I wanted a candle in our dessert lol.

DSCN4770What could be better than happy-almost-birthday profiteroles?

DSCN4772After finishing up at Scoozi, we headed to Fountainhead for my friend Christie's going away party.  I am going to miss her so much its insane!  The past year in Chicago has been incredible, and Matt and I owe so much of that to Christie.  She has graciously showed us so much of the city, helping us transition from tourist Texans to almost-native Chicagoans.  Its been so fun this past year to relieve our elementary school days, having impromptu sleepovers, movie nights, and late night laugh sessions.  And though I wanted to cry myself into a puddle when I hugged her goodbye, I vowed not to be "that girl" bawling in a bar.
PS: Christie, I miss you already.  Are you ready for a reunion yet? :)

DSCN4773Excuse me for being a sorority cheeseball here, but there really is something special about the bond you share with your sorority sisters.  Time goes by, people change, but there's something comforting about coming back together long after rush skits, Kappa tshirts, and 700 College Bachelor/Bachelorette watch parties :)

And since Matt was with me (and we were actually early), I was able to get a quick OOTD picture...

DSCN4757Top: Ann Taylor
Blazer: Tahari
Jeans: Gap
Earrings: thrifted
Bracelet: Ann Taylor
Rings: vintage
Heels: Ann Taylor
Sunglasses: Gucci
Bag: Charles David
Scarf (on bag): Anthropologie

I hadn't originally intended to wear the blazer, but in true Chicago fashion, the temperature dropped about 20 degrees as we were leaving.  Typical.  Luckily though, Matt and I are getting away from the Chicago weather for a few days, as we are heading to Arizona tomorrow to see Matt's family and go to his cousin's wedding.  Hooray for sunshine, no humidity and the chance to wear open toed shoes!  Its the little things, right? :)


Jenna said...

I love reading your blog! I love your sorority cheeseball comment and truly appreciate it! I, myself, am a "sorority girl" and still get judged even when I am not in college anymore. But I absolutely love my sorority and sisters and cannot even explain the friends I have made through it and where I would be without them!

- jenna

MJ said...

So true that sorority sisters can just pick up right where they left's truly a bond of sisterhood! :)

Cute outfit, love the top!

Katie said...

I love what you wrote about sisterhood! As Jenna said, there is a lot of judgment passed on "sorority girls" -- Even in the real world, but I wouldn't give up my Greek experience for anything! I recently had a visit from a good friend (and sorority sister), and it was like we'd never been apart. :) Looks like you had a wonderful time!

PursuitOfLLT said...

have so much fun in AZ!

i've never been to scoozie but have heard great things!

we should meet up again soon...lots changed for me in a matter of days, i'm back in the city. long, complicated story but it's job related!

Alivia said...

You look so happy! Love this post :)

Whitney said...

Allison! I'm in Chicago meeting so many Kappas and thinking of you...!

Emily said...

Allison - It was so great to see you in your new home turf and catch up! Love what everyone is saying about the special sorority bond....they are's totally irreplaceable. Thanks for everything, hope to see you again soon!

Kinsey Michaels said...

i hope you and matt had a blast in beautiful Arizona! i had a layover there on Thursday and it was HOT!

loveeee these pictures, it looks like you had a great time with your friends. i'm always fashionably late too - it's a perk to show up early especially if it meets you can grab a pre-dinner drink, as you did!