Thursday, June 17, 2010

NYC Recap Part 2

So if you made it through the picture overload on Monday’s post, I am impressed.  And because I love a challenge, I thought I’d see if you could handle two picture overload posts in a row.  I know, its a lot, but I think you can handle it, I think you’re up for the challenge.  (Ok I lie, I’m not doing it for the challenge, I’m doing it because I am a freak who cannot figure out who to whittle my 384 pictures down to a reasonable amount.  There, the truth, I said it.  Are we good?)  Here are a few an insane amount of pictures from our last few days in NYC :)

DSCN2954 Friday morning, after an insanely fabulous wedding, we were rested and pumped to head into the city.  How many people does it take to buy a train ticket into NYC? 

(6 if you’re counting.  I preferred to just annoyingly snap pictures!)

DSCN2962 Once into the city, we hit the pavement, and I started furiously snapping pictures.  Matt thinks I have a serious picture taking problem and need an intervention, but I swear its just a few drinks photographs :)

DSCN2971 After some mandatory partaking in New York style pizza, we headed to Times Squares for some touristy pictures.  The girls thought it would be fun to have a “jumping picture” in Times Square.  Clearly that did not go so well, as after 5 shots, this was the most air any of us got.  (And no one’s feet are actually off the ground.)  In fact, I’m actually closer to the ground than normal.  I like to think it was all in an effort to spring up into the air like a puma.  Yeah, I said it, like a puma.

DSCN2982 While heading down Sixth Avenue, we stumbled upon the LOVE sculpture, and I was super excited, because we hadn’t been able to see the one in Philly thanks to the horrible weather when we visited.

DSCN2983 :)

DSCN2985 One of my favorite things about big cities (though for some reason, not big cities in Texas) is the flower stands all over the place.  Its always such a sweet surprise to see a cart of beautiful blooms in the middle of concrete, smog, and honking cabs.

DSCN2995 That night for dinner, our group ate at a cute little Italian spot in Tribeca.  The food was good, though I failed to get any pictures because the place was so intimate and quaint, I felt a little touristy snapping pics.  (I do have some dignity left you know.)  But on the way home that night, I was delighted to find some gelato in Penn Station.  Nothing like a little chocolate hazelnut delight to make a train wait more bearable :)

DSCN2997Saturday morning, we said goodbye to our friends they all flew back home Saturday morning and afternoon.  We’d decided to stay an extra night so we could see Matt’s brother who was driving in from New Hampshire later that day.  So Matt and I set off for some city exploring of our own.

DSCN2998 Our hotel was in the financial district, so after checking in early and dropping of our bags, we headed to see the New York Stock Exchange.  I don’t really comprehend (or care to comprehend) all that goes on there, but it was cool to sit outside and marvel at the building and the people nearby.  I’m a bit of a people watching fanatic (but in a non-creepy way.)  Please tell me I’m not the only one!

DSCN2999  And finally, after three long days of waiting, I got my giant New York pretzel.  And ps: after looking through all these pictures, no freaking wonder I’ve put on a few extra pounds!  Slightly disturbing that I posed with both gelato and a gigantic pretzel within a 12 hour period.  Sheesh.

DSCN3004 I had a Sex and the City tour scheduled for later in the day (more on that later) so we headed over towards Fifth Avenue where the tour started.  Since we had some time to spare, we waltzed around the area, enjoying views of the Plaza Hotel (actually, now the Plaza Condominiums) and Central Park.

DSCN3009 Enjoying a moment (and a much needed bench) in Central Park.  For all those non-creeper people watchers like me, this is a fabulous place for you :)

DSCN3013So about the Sex and the City tour…last month, Kristina at Pretty Shiny Sparkly did a fabulous giveaway that included two tickets for the SATC tour, offered by a New York tour company (Thank you Kristina!)  PS: Go check out her blog if you don’t already adore it!  The tickets didn’t expire, and since I knew I had a trip to NYC coming up, I thought I’d give it a shot.  And to my surprise, I won!  A woo hoo!  Normally, I would have grabbed a girl friend for this event, but since all the girls had flown back that morning, my fabulous husband got to tag along.  He doesn’t give a flip about SATC, but when he realized it would be a pretty good tour of the city, in an air conditioned bus, he jumped at the chance to tag along.  (Ok, jumped might be an overstatement, but you get the idea.)  Here I am on the bus and ready to go!

DSCN3020The tour was a little over three hours long and took you by various spots where the show was filmed.  We got out at a few of the stops and then in between stops and point-outs, clips from the show played, particularly of the places we were seeing.  Very cool.  Here we are outside of Buddakan where Carrie and Big had their rehearsal dinner in the first SATC movie.

DSCN3024 Here we are inside of Buddakan, at the bar, where Big gave Carrie her “last single girl kiss.”

DSCN3032 During the tour, we passed the Diane von Furstenberg store, where I proceeded to shriek and tap on the window, explaining that’s where Whitney Port worked on the first season of The City, something to the effect of, “that’s it, right there, look!”  I snapped a quick pic only to be met with a few dirty looks from other bus riders.  Apparently they were strict enforcers of the SATC material only rule.  

DSCN3034 The third big stop the tour was Magnolia Bakery, the spot where Miranda and Carrie grabbed cupcakes together.  It’s also famous in its own right because the line for these sugary delights is typically around the corner.  The cupcakes were so pretty, I almost didn’t want to eat it.  Almost :)  At this stop we also got some time to walk around, and Matt and I used it to pop into the Jack Spade store.  I know its a men's store, but I swear I’d wear half of the stuff in there.  And their bags…love them.

DSCN3039 Here we are grabbing a drink at Scout, Aidan and Scott’s bar.  (In real life, it’s a bar called O’Nieals.)  The tour asked the group a trivia question and yours truly was the only one who knew the answer.  Amateurs, those other tourists.  If you’re a SATC fan, give it a go.  “What gift did Carrie bring Aidan to celebrate the opening of his bar?”  For extra credit… “What was the meaning behind the gift?”

The answer: a Mulberry plant, because his bar was on Mulberry Street.

DSCN3050 That night, we met Josh (Matt’s brother) and Anthony for a fabulous dinner at Tao.  I know the picture is a bit blurry, but if you’ve ever seen pics of this place (which coincidently was also featured on SATC, the episode where Big’s date was snorting coke in the bathroom and Samantha was there with Maria) you’ll recognize the gigantic Buddha in the middle of the restaurant.)  This place was so super swanky and chic, I loved it.

DSC02670_2Me and my man :)

DSC02671 Anthony and Josh.  Anthony is a producer for one of the morning shows in NYC, so he gets the VIP treatment wherever he goes, and we’re just lucky to tag along :)

DSCN3045Josh and Matt.  I’ve told you about how much I adore my brother in law before.  Remember the dessert experience?  He is the best, and I am always in tears laughing when I’m around him :)

DSC02674 Such a memorable spot! 

DSC02675 A group shot as we left Tao.  Thank you SO MUCH, Josh and Anthony, for a fabulous night!

DSCN3052In the cab.  I am a creeper and thoroughly enjoy snapping cab pics, what can I say?

DSCN3053We had plans for a small little concert later in the night, but since we had some time before we had to be there, we headed to the Wine Bar at SD26.  Here I am with two of the funniest people I know :)

DSCN3063 After a glass of yummy, we headed to Hill Country for a small Bob Schneider concert.  Bob Schneider is legendary in the Austin music scene, and though I’m having trouble describing his music, I’d say somewhere between bluegrass, country, and folk.  None of those labels sound nearly as cool as his music though.  Always with the VIP hookup, Anthony delivered, and VIP made the night even more fun.

DSCN3080 Walking into Hill Country was like walking into a fabulous barbeque joint in Texas.  The owner has family roots in Texas and has created a place that is so true to the roots I love, it made me  cry.  Literally.  Not boo hoo cry, but definitely tears welling up because I was so overcome with warmth and memories of home.  I know it sounds super weird, but everything about this place and the concert had my heart full of Texas love, thinking about family, friends (especially my college roommate Kristin who is a die hard Texas country fan), and the soul that lives in Texas.  It was so unexpected and so fabulous.  They had a framed Texas flag when we walked in, which had me first sight.  For those Texans reading, this place ships in Texas post oak to smoke their meats over, Shiner beer, Big Red soda, and Blue Bell ice cream…right smack dab in the middle of New York City!  If you are in New York and have any southern roots in you or have any desire to eat barbeque praised by the NY Times and countless other reviewers, you HAVE to visit Hill Country!

DSCN3069 Josh, Matt and I enjoying some fun.  Oh yeah, did I mention their margarita had a jalapeño in it?!  Sounds crazy, but it was the best margarita I’ve ever had.  Yum, yum, yum.

DSCN3078 Favorite picture of the night!  You know those pictures, that when  you look at them, you can remember everything about the moment inside?  The way you felt, the surroundings, the sounds…this is one of those pictures.  I love love love it, and am so grateful to Josh and Anthony for showing up such a fabulous time in NYC.

So that wraps up our trip to NYC.  We had such a blast, and were so blessed to be able to spend time with such great friends and family!  New York is a magical place, but even more magical when you’re surrounded by such awesome people :)


Pink Champagne said...

Such fun! I have always wanted to go on the SATC tour... a trip to NYC is a must.

TeachingInHeels said...

I love all the pictures!!! The jumping pic is too funny. All of your pictures really makes me want to go back to NYC. I've only been when it's cold, so a warm trip with no snow sounds like a fun time.

And I love the SATC tour too! If I had been going to NYC anytime soon I would have entered that one. Congrats on the win!

Sara said... fun!!! Anthony and Josh are definitely some of the funniest peeps out there. And when you throw Lara into the mix?? Watch out.

Looks like a great time. And that wedding looked INCREDIBLE!!! Holy cow. The flowers?? Dying over those.

Lindsay said...

I want to go to New York so bad!! Your trip looks like it was so much fun!

Pretty Shiny Sparkly said...

So glad you had a great time! Send me some of the pictures if you can (maybe I'll feature them)!

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

Wow, it looks like such a wonderful time. I love that you tried a jumping pic in Times Square. I do jumping pics all the time! I've written a couple posts about them too.

And the SATC tour looks fantastic. Go you for knowing the trivia answer!

Laureen D said...

Looks like an amazing time!! Thanks for sharing. :) Definitely a city to check out...someday!! And a SATC tour?! Brilliant. Even better that you WON the tickets.

lisa said...

Oh my gosh! Such a fun trip!! Love your style.

p.s. I totally aced that SATC trivia question! wink!