Monday, June 21, 2010

Burger Bar and an OOTD

Earlier this week, my friend Steven stopped over for a night en route from Texas to Wisconsin.  Steven and I have been friends since high school, and he was even a bridesman in Matt and I’s wedding last year.  So we took advantage of his visit to get into the city and meet up with our dear friends Matt and Christie, also longtime friends.  The result?  A fun night in our new city :)

DSCN3090-1The minute Steven arrived, my voice went up about 6 octaves.  When I get excited, I turn into a squealing mess lol.  I can’t help it!

DSCN3096 On the train, on the way to dinner.  Taking a cab would have cheaper with so many of us, but since Steven hadn’t been to Chicago before, we wanted him to get the full experience, and riding the train is certainly part of that experience :)

DSCN3106 For dinner, we went to DMK Burger Bar, a fabulous burger spot on the edge of Lincoln park.  In Texas, “a fabulous burger spot” usually means a small, local, slightly country joint, but of course, in Chicago, its a chic and hip little spot with yummy gourmet burgers, fancy versions of cheese fries, and a crazy huge beer list.

DSCN3103Hooray for high school friends (and a few new add ins!)

DSCN3111-1 Heading back a little happier and A LOT fuller.  (I know, I know, its “more full,” but fuller just fit better.)  And of course, I had Matt snap a few quick OOTD pics before we headed out… :)



Button up: the Gap

Tank: Target

Jeans: the Gap

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Necklaces: vintage; Target; Target

Earrings: Kohls

Bag: Urban Outfitters

I typically prefer to be a bit overdressed when we go places (not like crazy overdressed, but just a tiny smidge more dressed up than most people might get.)  This usually means a dress of some sort, but since I can’t wear jeans to work (unless they’re our stores), I took advantage of a chance to wear them for a night out.  Also, I know some people might think that arrow necklace is a bit suggestive, but silly naive me didn’t think about that until the 12th time I wore it when someone suggested it.  Grrr.  But since it was my great aunt’s (and I’m fairly certain she wasn’t a hussy), I like to think of it as a unique treasure (not a suggestive hussy necklace.)  And if other people thinks its weird, well, then, that’s their deal :)

Tomorrow Matt and I are headed to Ohio to see my sweet grandparents.  Chicago is A LOT closer to Ohio than Texas is, so we’re taking advantage of the shortened distance and headed for a visit to see my Grammy, Grandpa, and Namaw :)  Have a fabulous week, and if you didn’t enter my giveaway, don’t forget, its easy!


Norma said...

you realize that i would be in heaven if i had that burger with me right now?? =) glad to see you guys out and about

Katers said...

love your post! esp the OOTD-never tried boyfriend jeans but I think I might have to...

was trying to find your Target necklace online, love the wooden/beaded looking one..but can't find it, bummer!

Kinsey Michaels said...

Soo happy you seem to be adjusting well to your new city. Chicago is so much fun! Cute outfit too. I'm the exact same way, I always want to wear a dress when I go out, while everyone else is in jeans and a cute top. I can't help it!

Victor said...

Lol I just added you to my favorites bar on Safari because I'll rather read your blog than my computer science text book! lol :))