Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christkindlmarket Girls Day

Since the month of January is already flying by, I thought I should consider posting my holiday pictures.  Proof that the new year did not include the goal of being a more timely blogger :)  Near the end of December, I had a half day off work, and I couldn't think of a better place to spend it than the Christkindlmarket.  The market is located downtown in Daley Plaza, and it is one of my favorite Chicago holiday traditions.  Vendors come from all over the world to create an authentic German Christmas market right in the heart of Chicago.  I was thrilled to visit on a weekday, as the crowds were much lighter, leaving less time standing in line and more time wandering with yummy food and drink in hand!

IMG 1242Oh how this place warms my Christmas loving heart!  It makes the bitter, below freezing temperatures much more bearable :)

Dec 30 2012Big Christmas trees and latkes, two of my most favorite things!

Dec 30 20121While Christmas cheer is the first reason I go to the market, gluhwein is a close second.  This hot, spiced wine has become one of my favorite holiday drinks since my parents moved overseas.  It is oh so yummy, and the cute little boot mugs make it extra special to enjoy!

IMG 1248No day is too cold when gluhwein is involved :)

Dec 30 20122Sweet pastries and beautiful Chistmas ornaments are in every corner of the market.  This was actually my first year to go inside the ornament house, as the crowds are usually too crazy.  Additional incentive to go on a weekday!

Dec 30 20123A blurry but happy picture as we said goodbye to the market and headed for some shopping on Michigan Avenue.  And a quick train snap of my purchase for the day... a fushcia beanie!  I've never been able to pull off the beanie look, but my friend Christie was encouraging when she said, "If anyone is meant to wear a hot pink beanie, it's you!"  Done and done :)

If you ever come to Chicago during the holidays, the Christkindlmarket is a must.  And if its possible to go on a weekday, even better!  PS: see past Christkindlmarket trips here, here, and here.


Sara said...

I love the Christkindlmarket!

Brady said...

Agreed, agreed, agreed! It's maybe my favorite Chicago holiday tradition.

suburban prep said...

I have been meaning to go each year for the last few year but haven't made it.
perhaps next year.