Thursday, January 26, 2012

We're Going to Vegas!

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If you read my Christmas recap post, you may recall that for Christmas, Matt surprised me with a trip to Vegas!  (I opened a Nevada calendar in which Matt made and glued the adorable paper Vegas sign above.  Super creative that guy.)  I was totally shocked, and not just because we said we weren't doing presents, but because we never seem to take vacations "just because."  Not because we don't want to, but because since Matt and I have been dating, our travel budget has gone towards attending friends weddings, visiting family, traveling for showers and bachelorette parties, going on job and internship interviews, etc etc.  I'm so glad we chose to make those trips happen; I wouldn't trade them for the world.  But I can't lie, I'm pretty excited to take a "just because" trip, just the two of us.  Oh and did I mention we'll be there this time in a month?  Not that I'm counting down or anything :)

So here is where I need your help....

I've never been to Vegas, and Matt hasn't been since he was a young single dude.  Our hotel is already booked, but we're a bit clueless about what we want to do in Vegas, particularly because there are so many things to choose from!  So for those of you who've been, I would be forever grateful for your insider tips, recommendations, and favorites.  Whether it's your favorite show, your favorite restaurant, or your favorite spot to grab a drink, please share!  If you've ever tried getting discount show tickets or booking ahead with a great website, I'd love to hear.  Big or small, fancy or casual, we're up for anything.

I know they say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but in this case, I'm asking you to break that rule just once and clue a Vegas-newbie in :)


lydia of boy howdy daily said...

Allison, I will send you a FB message! I got married in Vegas and go a few times a year and can recommend some of my favorite places. You will have such a great time!

Jenna U said...

I am just missing you! I'm literally going the week before - I will let you know what I love and do not love!

Anonymous said...

I just went to Vegas a few weeks was amazing! I highly suggest you go to the Venetian; FABULOUS shopping. Tried on my first pair of Louboutins! :)

The Skipping Pixie said... many fun things to do and AMAZING places to eat! See a show, hands down...must do. I would recommend a traditional cheesy Vegas show or a Cirque de Soleil, amazing. Cosmopolitan has a cute trendy burger place and is GORG to walk around. Paris is wonderful, Mon Ami Gabi is delish. Caeser's for shopping and Bobby Flay's restaurant. Stop through Imperial Palace (total dive) but they have impersonator's that sing all the time and it's SO funny (and free) and they have super tasty and strong margaritas in the back side bar. And you MUST eat breakfast at Hash House - legendary!I could go on and on! Have FUN!

Jen Rames said...

The Bellagio fountains are my fave by far. There is a bar in the Bellagio (used to be Fontana, maybe Hyde now?) where you can sit outside with a perfect view. I also loved Beatles Love, and my husband really loved it (he is not huge on shows and was crazy about it). Have a blast!

KBiery said...

The women in my family went and had a great time! We saw two shows: Beatle's LOVE and La Reve. Both were absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend them!!!!

Stephanie said...

You are going to LOVE the Cosmopolitan!!! You MUST go! Also, we went to the Elvis Cirque du Soleil show which was incredible!!!

Anonymous said...

You must go to Dick's Last Resort later at night. They are hilarious, but only at night!

We saw the Cirque De Soleil Beatles LOVE. It was amazing! If they are still doing it, you have got to see it!

I am a fan of Margaritaville, so if you've never been, you should go.

Make sure you see the Bellagio fountains- both day and night are beautiful.

Last time we were there, we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower at night. It's got an amazing view of the city.

Have fun!

LaLa's in the Land of Enchantment said...

If the Venetian is still showing Phantom of the Opera it is an amazing, must see show. Or Cirqu De Sole (spelling) either of those two are absolutely fabulous!

Kinsey Michaels said...

I am so excited for you!!! Vegas is a blast, even if you're not the gambling type! When are you going?
Usually around mid-March it starts to really warm up and you can lay by the pool <3

My favorite restaurant for a trendy, nice dinner, is N9NE Steakhouse at the Palms. It's off the strip, but I think they have free shuttles to/from the strip.
You can't miss the Bellagio fountain show. It's magical and so pretty to take in.

Betsy Aimee said...

You have out the check out the Deserts at the Bellagio Restaurant and Serendipity (in front of Ceasars Palace) Amazing Banana Split!

Have Fun!
Betsy Aimee

Alivia said...

Go. See. Cirque du Soleil's LOVE show. It is mind-blowingly fantastic.

Anonymous said...

vegas4locals on ebay was GREAT! Their website is also I got sooo many cheap show tickets that were FABULOUS!!

Anonymous said...

Vegas is amazing! Go to the wax museum - sounds cheesy but it is hilarious. A big group of us went to Vegas 2 years ago and the guys went to the wax museum one day while us girls shopped. The next day they insisted we all go back to the wax museum. Totally worth it. Roller coaster at New York New York is cool. Margaritaville has great drinks and Stripburger is agood low key place to eat.