Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Eve Celebration

This year, Matt and I were thrilled to be able to celebrate New Years with our friends in Dallas, as we made a quick stop on our way back to Chicago.  Not in the mood for a crazy, drunken New Years Eve, we talked about a low key dinner somewhere fun, but after seeing the crazy prices, we quickly changed our minds.  So we agreed to do a low key night at our friends Jordan and Ricky's.  We agreed no party dresses or heels, instead opting for leggings and oversized tunics.  An hour into the night, we ditched the tunics for pj's and Uggs, kicking off an all night Xbox Kinect Dance Central challenge and the most intense game of Catchphrase I've ever played.  When Jordan and I called it a night at 3:00 am, we both agreed it was our favorite New Years Eve in a long, long time.  Proof a good time doesn't require a fancy menu, loads of cash, or a sparkly party dress!

C310564We've been friends for nearly 14 years, and we still laugh like little high schoolers when we're together :)

C310570My midnight man :)  PS: wondering about my crazy tiger shirt?  I snagged it a while back at Savers, and though part of me thought I'd lost my fashion mind, I couldn't resist bringing it home with me.  Layering it with this vest and a pair of leggings, it was the perfect relaxed but fun NYE getup!

C310581Richenda, me, and Jordan snapping a quick pic before running off to change into our extra comfy clothes :)

1010584Annnnd with that, we're in our sweats, ready for a dance off and another glass of champagne!

1010590I hadn't seen Richenda since Jordan's wedding in March, and it was so great to see her.  Even more exciting to talk a little wedding with her, as she and her man are getting married in just a few months!

10105982011 was an exciting year for us, as we celebrated lots of fun things (a permanent job for Matt in Chicago, an internship match for me), but its also been a year of challenge as we've had to adjust to living 2 hours apart the past six months for my internship.  But I have a feeling 2012 has some fabulous things in store, and I'm so excited we get to experience them together!  Happy happy New Year to all my lovely readers; may 2012 be your best year yet!


Charlotte said...

Happy New Year to you as well! Low key NYE are the best!

Jamie said...

This seems like the best way to spend New Years and I'm so envious! I love warm PJ's, great friends, and games. Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Cute pics! hope you all have a wonderful new year!