Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Fashion Funk and an OOTD

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Today it hit me.  It has been creeping up for a while, but today, it officially hit me.  Hard.  The Summer Fashion Funk is here. 

You know what I’m talking about right?  The Summer Fashion Funk?  It’s the time every summer, usually around mid to late July, where everything in my closet starts to look…blah.  You know, a sort of “been there, worn that” type deal.  All my jersey dresses seem blah, my favorite boyfriend jeans seem so so, and my once loved summer dinner dresses feel overused and unattractive.  Nothing seems to look right, fit right, or tickle my fancy.  (Yeah, I said it.)  I feel mostly uninspired by my closet and fashionably, just plain blah.

I felt the Summer Funk starting to creep late last week.  I wanted to dart to the mall and run into the stores, screaming “Help, the Funk is here, it’s got me!  Help, save me!”  But since I had to work all weekend, my “save me” mission was temporarily put on hold.  Monday brought a day off and a major case of the Funk.  I thought about heading to the mall for a please-save-me mission, but then realized Matt would see the credit card statement, and I’d soon be heading to the bank for an oops-I-didn’t-mean-to-please-just-erase-those-purchases mission.  I wrested all Monday with a spend free way to fight the Funk only to come up empty handed.

Tuesday morning, I woke up with the shakes.  Dang you Summer Funk.  But, thanks to a post from the fabulous Chloe, I was alerted to a summer sale at Shopbop.  Normally, this would intensify the Funk, but it made me remember that I had a gift card via a La Mia Vita giveaway.  (Thanks Nicole!)  So, I temporarily beat the Funk with this fabulous Marc by Marc Jacobs pouch and this Joie top.  Score.

This satisfied me for a bit, but today, I’m deep in the Funk.  I’m desperately trying to not buy another anything for summer.  Living in Texas, I usually didn’t fight the Summer Funk until mid August, but I know fall in Chicago is approaching, and I’m pretty unprepared, closetwise.  Plus I’ve seen the stuff we’re getting for fall at “the store” and I know I’ll break the bank there.  Uber-cute.

So for now, I’m just sitting here, dazed, confused, and totally in the Funk.  Am I crazy or do you guys experience the Summer Fashion Funk?  Other than going on a crazed shopping spree (or any shopping spree at all) what are your remedies to beat this shiz.  I’m all ears :)

Oh, and if you want to know what I look like during the Funk, here’s a quick outfit from Tuesday.  See what I mean, blah, blah, and…blah.



Dress: Banana Republic (also seen here)

Tissue Sweater: Banana Republic

Sandals: Nordstrom  (I actually traded between these and heels all day.  Long days at “the store” mean multiple pairs of shoes.)

Belt: Steinmart (from a bazillion years ago)

Earrings: Target

Bracelet: vintage (it was my great aunt Bunny’s)

Not that exciting, I know, but peeps, I’m in the midst of the Funk!  What’s a girl to do?

So tell me…are you feeling the Funk? 


CMae said...

How bad will you cringe when I tell you that it's 114 today in Arizona and I actually bought a SWEATER at the mall yesterday...Yes that's right a sweater!!! How's that for being burnt out on summer clothes LOL.

Allison said...

Lol, I love it! Glad I'm not alone :)

Ashley Stone said...

I feel like my whole wardrobe is in a funk right now! I'm ready to go through and get rid of a ton of it!!!

You're outfit is cute btw, not blah. ; )

McKenzie said...

I know the feeling, but you still look great!! Thanks for the Chicago suggestions -- we ran out of time to do the tour, but had a FABULOUS time nonetheless!! :)

Amber's Notebook said...

aww yo look cute!! I know whwta you mean by the funk but because of my trip and hospital time I have yet to wear much of summer stuff and in fact today I was freaking out that I wouldn't get a chance to wear it all, LOL!

Lindsay said...

Ugh, I totally know this feeling. It's been happening to me for weeks - AND I've been doing lots of shopping. I'm thinking maybe it's the gross humidity we've been having here, it's so hard to get dressed in the morning when it's already 85 degrees and 99% humidity!

Sorry I don't have any advice on how to not spend... I need help in that department myself :) haha

A.Co said...

Well hello there!!!

Hmmm, I'm not really sure HOW you can beat the summer funk, but I do know that this post totally cracked me up.

Cute purchases!! (they are SOLD OUT now - you got lucky!!)

Sometimes calling on a friend (which might be hard since you're in a new city? :S) can help. My BFF always puts together outfits in a way I often wouldn't think of, and vice versa... our styles are similar, but different and sometimes all you need is a different take on something to SPICE THINGS UP.

Do you get snow in Chicago?

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

***Positively Preppy in Pink*** said...

Your outfit is super cute!! I am also feeling the funk right now...I think maybe a closet rearranging is in order to remind me of the things I haven't yet worn this summer...

Pamela Keener said...

OMG I am sure feeling the funk and I am going to my neice's wedding in August & I so want to go out and buy a new dress, like I don't have a closet full of dresses. Oh well. Have fun at Lilith Fair>
Love & Hugs,

Morgan said...

Your 'blah' is most peoples best! I think the outfit was adorable! You accesorized it well. :)