Monday, July 19, 2010

Just Me and Sarah

Hey there lovelies!  How was everyone’s weekend?  I can’t lie, though we were slammed at “the store” today, I was in a haze for most of it, because my weekend was so great I was still on cloud 9!  Here’s a “quick” recap.  (Note that I say “quick” because seriously, when do I ever say anything quickly or concisely?) :)

DSCN3303Friday night we headed into the city to celebrate my dear friend Christie’s birthday.  She was out of town for her actual birthday, so she insisted “we weren’t actually celebrating her birthday,” but we totally were.  And while writing Christie’s birthday card, I realized that she and I have been friends for seventeen years!  Startling and slightly depressing to realize that I’m even old enough to have had a friend for that long :)

DSCN3302 Our men Matt.  It gets a little confusing with two Matts around, especially since they are both annoyingly hilarious and out of control charming.  Yes, charming is what I mean :)

DSCN3304 For dinner we hit up The Bristol, a fabulous little spot in Bucktown.  The food is insanely amazing and the cocktails follow suit.  Their signature cocktail is called the Moscow Mule and is served in these quaint copper mugs.  Christie and I adore them and are the hunt to find a reasonable set for ourselves.

DSCN3305 And because yall know I love a good food picture, feast your eyes upon this scrumptiousness.  A half chicken, mustard spatzle, and a crunchy salad.  Dee-lish (and completely fat free I’m sure!)  After dinner, we headed to Danny’s for a night of dancing.  The music was all reggae, and though that’s not usually my thing, I really enjoyed it!

DSCN3312 Saturday afternoon, after a yummy breakfast at Nookie's in Lincoln Park, Christie and I headed to Lilith Fair.  I am a huge fan of girlie, indie artists, and have literally been obsessed with Sarah McLachlan since I was in junior high.  When I found out Lilith was coming to Chicago, I about broke my ankle running to my computer to order tickets.  And luckily, I have a friend who understands and indulges my lifelong obsessions :)

DSCN3310Halfway through the concert, Christie and I discovered the secret to summer concerts.  Rainier cherries.  They’re off the chain amazing and the perfect summer treat.  (And for the record, I have no idea why I just typed “off the chain.”  Perhaps I’m still in my Sarah McLachlan induced haze.)

DSCN3315Though I was at Lilith mainly for my girl, Sarah McLach (we’re on a nickname basis) there were some really incredible performers earlier in the evening.  Heart, The Courtyard Hounds (aka the 2 sisters from the Dixie Chicks), and Mary J. Blige.  And can I just say that Mary J was insanely amazing.  I mean, insanely amazing.

DSCN3314 Here we are, waiting for Sarah to come on.  Quick random fact about me…whenever I am getting to know people, I like to ask really random questions that I am certain will help me see into the depths of their soul.  (Ok, maybe not the depths, but you know, at least the wading pool of their soul.)  Anyway…one of those questions is always this, “If you could see anyone, dead or alive, on a greatest hits tour, who would it be?  And because I appreciate complexity, I’ll allow a top three answer.  My top three include, Britney, Madonna, and of course, Sarah McLach.  So the moment that was about to take place in this picture was seriously a huge freaking deal and a lifelong anticipated event.

DSCN3320 So naturally this was the picture we snapped right as she came on stage.  Hahahhaha, insane excitement is not even the word!  And can I just say, Sarah McLachlan was unreal!  She was so beautiful, so authentic, and so so so amazing.  I shed a few tears during her first song because I was so overwhelmed and grateful to be able to hear and see her live.  Not to sound overdramatic, but it was one of those moments I’d dreamed about for a really, really long time, and it was unfolding right before my eyes.  It was truly unforgettable.  As I sang along to every single one of her songs, I leaned over to Christie and said, “I realize there are other people here, but I seriously feel like its just me and Sarah right now.  Just me and Sarah.”  Christie laughed and made me swear I’d make that quote my blog post title :)  But for realz, the night was amazing, and I’m so grateful I got the chance to go.  I’m already searching for her next solo show :)

And because I had someone nearby to snap a picture of me, here is a quick OOTD from Friday night as we were heading out to dinner.  Sorry for the blurry pic and random picture location :)




Top: Joie via Shopbop

Skinny jeans: J.Crew {similar here}

Tank: Target

Heels: Ann Taylor

Earrings: Forever 21

Bow bracelet: Ann Taylor {semi similar here}

Necklace: from my trip to Spain

Ring: David Yurman

Ok, so now I have to ask yall…“If you could see anyone, dead or alive, in a greatest hits tour, who would it be?  And of course, I’ll allow your top two or three answers if needed :)

Hope your weekend was great!


Noey said...

Oh gosh, okay: Pink Floyd, the Beatles, and...whew, this is where it gets tough...I would have to go with...Jimi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin.

Noey said...

Sorry for the double comment, but I hopped over to Amazon to check out copper mug prices (not bad, by the way) and as I typed in copper mug, Moscow mule came up in the search field after that! Looks like it's a super popular query :)

PursuitOfLLT said...

Hey there! Stumbled upon your blog, super cute :) Love the OOTDs!

Read a couple of posts and I just have to say, Welcome to Chicago! I was born and bred here and love it. So much to choose from and do--always. Hope you're enjoying your new city!

AS for your is a bit of a toughie, but I'd go with
The Beatles (yes a bit obvious but grew up listening to them and it's pure love) I've seen most of the people I've grown to love and they seem the most obvious to me.
Although I could see Ray LaMontagne over and over and NEVER tire of it!

SBG said...

love david yurman rings! i have one too!

Sholpana said...

Great look)

Steph S. said...

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! Lilith Fair is too cool - and Mary J? She IS awesome! So glad you got to see her!

Lindsay said...

Hmm... this might be strange but I think I would have to say Taylor Swift! She's really the only artist that I L.O.V.E. who I haven't had a chance to see live yet. She's just so darn adorable!

Also, love the outfit from Friday night. Super cute!

And I had Rainier (is that how you spell it?) cherries for the first time last week and OMG they were to die for! The best cherries ever!

Lynzy said...

Looks like you had so much fun!
I am loving that bow bracelet from Ann Taylor!

xo Lynzy

Norma said...

Allison!!!!!!!!!! That pic of you with your eyes closed and smiling is sooo CLASSIC! I miss you tons =(

Top might only know one of them lol: Mana, Carlos Santana, Vicente Fernandez =)

Ms. Chyme said...

Glad you had a great weekend.

Kinsey Michaels said...

You are seriously too cute haha. I loved hearing about your weekend, it looks like so much fun. That's incredible you've known your friend for that long. I can't say the same for me for my oldest friend. It's so easy to drift apart during high school and college.
My answer will probably sound pathetic, but I'm not sure who I would choose. I feel like I should almost pick a band that isn't around anymore, but I'm beyond clueless!

Matthew said...

the doors, tupac, rod stewart

Kayla & Brien said...

1. Lady Gaga, who is in Houston RIGHT THIS SECOND and since my husband is out of state and I have no girlie friends who are obessesed with the Lady as I am...I am not going! (tear!)

My number 1.5 would my Michael Jackson. I would have loved to have been a part of that magic.

2. is Sir Elton John!! I love the man, even if he's a bit on the funny side as my dad calls it, and....

3. would be Cher. So thank goodness she plays in Vegas!! ;)

I know those are really random people...but I think that I'm really random so it is just perfect. :D