Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thanksgiving Snaps

It's been a week and a half since Thanksgiving, and I'm just now getting around to posting pictures.  So I'm not the best blogger, ehh, I'm okay with that.  Matt and I traveled to Phoenix to spend a few days with his family, and we had a really lovely time.  Our trip started off with a bit of a snafu, but in the end, we made it, safe and sound.  Of course, Matt and I packed our fancy camera, and the whole time I kept thinking, "I should really break out the real camera," but then I remembered my new motto, and I decided to leave the camera be and focus on spending time together.  In the end, definitely worth it :)

Nov 25 2012*Since we were going straight from work to the airport, I tried to think of something that would be appropriate for work, yet still comfy for a late night flight.  I decided on leggings, an oversized flannel, a black blazer, a leopard scarf, cowboy boots, and big gold jewelry.
*O'Hare is really beautiful around the holidays.  Real world Home Alone :) 

Nov 25 20121*Shortly after we arrived, we found out our flight was delayed until 1:30 am.  Not quite what we were hoping for, but we made it work with a little Mickey D's.
*As we wandered around the airport, we noticed they were beginning to set up cots for stranded travelers.  We said a quick, "Oh no, that sucks for people."  Little did we know... 

Nov 25 20122*As our flight was delayed later and later, we started to get restless, so we wandered for a bit, adding several books to our "must read" lists.
*Remember those cots?  Once we got word that our flight wouldn't leave Chicago until close to 3:00 am, we ended up setting up shop on the cots.  But even as we were stranded in the airport, I couldn't help but be grateful for the awesome guy next to me, the family we were going to see, and the jobs that afforded us time off.  It wasn't the most pleasant experience, but we made it.

Nov 25 20123*We arrived in Arizona just before 6:00 am on Thanksgiving.  Tired and groggy, but really thrilled to be there!
*Anthony, Matt's brother's husband, did the whole Thanksgiving meal, and oh my goodness, it was incredible!  Thank you Anthony for an amazing meal! 

Nov 25 20124*Oh how I wish I could have this meal as we speak.  So so yummy.
*Matt and Jack were able to get in lots of snuggle time on this trip.  Aren't they cute? 

Nov 25 20125*We also got to meet this little cutie.  Sadie is a new addition to Matt's family, and she and I had some lovely bonding time!
*True to the Davis family, we did some fierce Black Friday shopping.  Matt's mom was so kind to treat me to some awesome lovelies.

Nov 25 20126*Thanksgiving was pretty much a three day food affair, and these ice cream Oreo sandwiches were just one of the many yummies from the week.
*The weekend had the most perfect ending when my Sooners had a crazy awesome Bedlam win.  The game was insane, Boomer!

We headed back to Chicago super early on Sunday morning, and then started the super exciting process of househunting!  Matt and I have been working really hard the past few months, getting serious about saving for a house.  And now our hard work is paying off; we're looking for our very first home!  A very awesome ending to a very awesome Thanksgiving trip.  I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and that you're enjoying a lovely start to the holiday season!


Paula said...

Looks like a great time :) Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Dave and Jenny McIntosh said...

Home ownership is a wonderful, awful, lovely, frustrating, and really makes you feel like an adult! Happy house hunting!

PS I would like that Thanksgiving meal too. We ended up at Golden Corral as it was the only place we thought we could take a kid with a very mild case of chicken pox! Bad parent...possibly.

Brady said...

Stop. Househunting??? So exciting!