Monday, December 10, 2012

Oklahoma Weekend

A few weeks ago, we were so blessed to be able to take a long weekend to head to Norman for OU Dad's Day.  It's no secret that Norman is an incredibly magical and special place for me, and I love any opportunity to go back and visit.  But when it's combined with football season and getting to see my family, it's an extra special treat.  I also love getting to see my sweet brother live life as a OU student, sharing some of the same Sooner connections as me, yet making his own path at the same time.  But let's be honest, in the eyes of this obsessive big sister, he does no wrong!

B101345Saturday started off with a trip to the Sig Ep house, which oddly enough is right across the street from my old KKG digs.  We stayed and hung out for a bit and then headed to the Union to support my brother as he chaired a big campus event.  He is making his overinvolved sister so very proud :)

B101346I am convinced that OU is the most beautiful campus on the planet.  And during the fall, well, it simply takes the cake.

B101348I love that Matt has become an honorary Sooner, embracing the traditions and spending time in Norman.  He tries to argue that he hasn't drank the Koolaid, but I can tell he's loving the Sooner spirit :)

B101357Yep, this happened, for the second year in a row.  Absolutely no shame at all.  Kappa love.

B101358Another highlight of the trip was getting to see and hug this pretty lady.  We don't get to see each nearly enough, so it was really great to see her.

OU dads day 2012Sunday morning we headed to brunch to support Ryan in another campus event.  It was also a great chance to relax after a crazy game day, before hugging my parents goodbye, as they drove back to Houston.

And of course, it wouldn't be a long weekend without Instagram...

Nov 20 2012*Did I mention we drove from Chicago to Oklahoma?  Someone (ok, ok, I'll confess; it was me) majorly misjudged the trip.  I thought it was a 10 hour drive.  Turns out it was just around 13 hours.  Oopsie.
*Ulta's Smoke Screen + OPI's Rainbow Connection mani.

Nov 20 20121*We left a cold and dreary Chicago for a sunny and 75 Oklahoma; the weather was perfect on gameday!
*Two of my most favorite people in the whole wide world :) 

Nov 20 20122*It's gameday in Norman ya'll!
*Going back to OU is always so special; it was such a growthful and happy time in my life.  I feel so grateful and full of joy when I get to visit. 

Nov 20 20123*It's always a joy to see this awesome guy when I go back.  Quy and I were both overachiever, overinvolved, OU nerds together, and he never fails to make me laugh :)
*700 College...rah rah for KKG!

Nov 20 20124*It's so fun to not only be an OU alum, but also to be a Sooner sister.  I really wanted Ryan to go where he wanted to go, and I can't lie, I'm glad he chose OU, because it's such a fun bond to share! 

Nov 20 20125*Sibling besties.
*Matt really wanted to visit the museum, so we popped over Sunday afternoon for a leisurely visit. 

Nov 20 20126*After we said goodbye to my family in Norman, we headed north for dinner and a slumber party with Kelsey and her husband Chris.  Kelsey is one of my most favorite people, and I always feel full of joy when I am with her!
*What's a roadtrip without weird, random candy superstores in the middle of Missouri?

All in all, the weekend was incredible and just what my soul needed.  When I went back to work on Tuesday, several coworkers asked about my trip, and I replied, "I didn't know how badly my soul needed nourishing until I was in Norman with my family."  The weekend was just what I needed, and it was the perfect hold me over until Christmas!  So cheers to football season, long weekends, and time with incredible friends and family!


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