Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wedding Etc.

I realize that by now, you might be tired of me talking about my best friend's wedding last month.  I've already blogged about the bachelorette party and the wedding, but I have a few more pictures from wedding weekend events that I wanted to share.  Last round I promise! :)

SANY3040Thursday before the wedding, Jordan and her mom hosted a high tea for the bridal party.  We wore pretty dresses, sipped tea with our pinkies lifted, and nibbled on pretty bite-sized desserts.

SANY3044The only thing I loved more than my new dress was the fact that it let it me wear my favorite pair of shoes ever.  Fuchsia Stuart Weitzman peep toe heels!

SANY3048Jordan's rehearsal bouquet made by yours truly!  Ok, who am I kidding?  My dear friend Melissa did most of it the night before as I had a near panic attack looking at all the loose ribbons from Jordan's showers wondering what the hell I'd gotten myself into.  Thank you Melissa, it turned out beautiful, blinged out and everything!

SANY3054Me and my man :)

SANY3051Hard to believe we've been best friends for 13 years!
UPDATE: A few people have asked about my dress.  Its Tadashi Shoji from Nordstrom.  Its a little over the top in the sequin department, but all the more reason to love it :)

SANY3056The pretty bride-to-be :)

SANY3067In front on Perkins Chapel the night before the big day.  The four of us never fail to have a good time when we're together.

SANY3066Almost married, eeek!

SANY3069Richenda, Jordan, and I representing CHS Mustangs :)

190885 10100375119639050 1927306 63046432 4979965 oOur table at Iron Cactus for the rehearsal dinner.  Quick story about Matt's toast at the rehearsal dinner: When Matt and I got married, Ricky gave a toast at the rehearsal dinner and presented Matt with a hilarious t-shirt that on the front said "Groom" and on the back it paid homage to my super confusing hyphenated name, saying "Mr. Hyphen-Davis."  (My last name isn't really Hyphen-Davis, but you get the picture.  I still feel weird about putting my full last name on my blog.)  So for payback, Matt poked fun at Jordan's obsession with rhinestones and monograms, giving Ricky a bright green shirt monogramed with "Groom" and bedazzled with a million rhinestones.  It was perfect (and yes, Ricky wore it the whole next day lol!)

SANY3232Two days later, after the wedding madness was over, we got to have brunch with our dear friend Miguel.  He lives about an hour and a half outside of Dallas, so he was kind enough to drive up and spend the afternoon with us before we flew back to Chicago.  Seeing Miguel and hearing him and Matt laugh always warms my heart beyond belief.  We miss that guy!

Ok, so that's the last of wedding stuff, I promise!  Hope your Thursday is fabulous, the weekend is almost here, woo hoo!


ty said...

WHERE did you get that gorgeous rehearsal dress???

Dave and Jenny McIntosh said...

I am not one for glitz and glam but that rehearsal dress is fantastic! Love it...though I don't think I could pull it off!

aPt said...

What a gorgeous wedding. I don't think I could ever get tired of reading about it. And those shoes from the rehearsal dinner are to die for!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I'm obsessed with the sparkly dress you wore! SO stunning!

PursuitOfLLT said...

I am LOVING that dress, Allison!!

Great pictures, it looked like it was a fabulous time :)

Have a great Easter!

Kasey Lynne said...

These photos are great!!! I LOVE your fuschia heels. SO cute.

Kinsey Michaels said...

what a fun wedding weekend. you AND the bridge look amazing. i love her bouquet, that is so clever and fun!

Anonymous said...

I just love that weddings get everyone together...

Gorgeous dress! And fabulous pink heels!!

Natasha xoxo said...

I love wedding festivities...thanks for sharing more photos! Also, what bag are you sporting in your last photo?! It is gorgeous!

xo, tasha
twenty-something blog

Lindsay said...

Umm I am in LOVE with both of your dresses!! And what a great job on the bouquet of bows - it's fabulous!!

erhinman said...

love love love your fuschia shoes, glam rehearsal dinner dress, and the scarf in your last photo! where is that scarf from??

Lauren said...

Where did the bride her her white rehearsal dress?! I have been searching high and low for one for my upcoming showers/rehearsal/etc!

LaLa's Land said...

So beautiful. You always look so gorgeous and fabulous!! I try and take notes but I don't think anyone could hold a candle to you!