Monday, February 21, 2011

Scenes from Dallas

I am back from my long weekend to trip to Dallas, and I think it can go in the books as one of my best trips "home."  I got to immerse myself in wedding world with my best friend and spend time with some of my most favorite people in the whole world, most of whom I've known for ever ten years.  I'm still sifting through pictures, but here are a few of my favorites.

DSCN4541After picking me up from the airport, my dear friend Melissa and I wasted no time before shopping it up.  I was on a mission for new sunglasses, and we must have spent an hour in front of that mirror, trying on a billion pairs each.  The nose security sensor is such a good look, don't you think? :)  We both left with new sunnies and a few other goodies.

DSCN4558Thursday I was so happy to be able to spend the day with my best friend Jordan and her mom as Jordan took her bridal portraits.  She is getting married next month, and I am so blessed to stand next to her on her wedding day as her maid of honor.  (Technically its "matron of honor" but that sounds so old lady I can't stand it.)  I took a few pics of us in her dress, but for top-secret-bride reasons, I can't post those until after March 19.  We celebrated the occasion with a round of Kir Royales and good hour of laughs and wedding talk.

DSCN4556The start of a slippery slope off of my diet...But goodness, that bacon flatbread was delicious!

DSCN4548Outfit of the day shot
Top: Ann Taylor {here}
Cropped pants: Ann Taylor {here}
Shoes: Gianni Bini
Jewelry: David Yurman, Ann Taylor

DSCN4560Dinner with my sister at La Hacienda (yum!).  Our sister story is a bit long and confusing, but I am so so lucky to have her in my life.  We are about as opposite as it gets, and its often humorous.  She's a tomboy, I'm a girlie girl.  She's laid back, I'm a bit high maintenance.  She sports flip flops, I wear heels.  But somehow, we've managed to find a common language and become really great friends.  I don't get to see her often enough, so dinner was a total treat.

DSCN4562Black bottom pecan pie, oh how I love you.  Your homemade ice cream and sizzlin Jack Daniels whiskey sauce is the cherry on my sundae (and the extra few pounds on my scale this morning!)

DSCN4564Friday night I got to see one of my sweet little friends Taylor play soccer.  Taylor is a long time family friend who was also in my wedding.  I love this girl so much and have been so lucky to see her grow up into such a lovely young lady.  I also became a full fledged grown up that night when I met her new boyfriend and gave him the "you better be good to this girl, because I love her and I'll hurt you if you're not" speech.  Yep, that's the official sign that I've crossed into grownup-land.  Shoot me.

DSCN1653Saturday, we had a girl's afternoon with manis and pedis, and I became Edward Scissorhands for a few hours lol.  
PS: I've finally crossed over to the no-chip/shellac manicure, and I am so happy and pleased with the results!

DSCN4571Saturday night was my bff's bachelorette party, and I haven't even begun to sort through the 947 pictures we took.  There were 18 girls total at the party, and we certainly showed Dallas how to celebrate an upcoming wedding.  Lots more pictures to come later in the week!

DSCN4614Sunday morning we recovered with brunch at Iron Cactus.  Nothing like Mexican food and mimosas to get you going :)

The weekend went by too quick, and I got entirely too comfortable in the sunny and 70 degree weather.  I landed in Chicago and was greeted by a wonderful husband and thirty degree temps.  Welcome back to Chicago :)  Matt and I are off to the opera tonight, so cross your fingers he isn't asleep ten minutes in lol.  And check back soon for the Lo Down giveaway winners.  (Yes, winners, plural.)  I decided to give away my copy too, more on that later.  Hope your Monday is wonderful, and thanks to all my Dallas friends who were so wonderful and fun this weekend!


amy kelinda said...

Wow, that pecan pie looks amazing!! And I am so happy to hear that you had a great time in Dallas -- congrats to your friend on her upcoming wedding!!

Lindsay said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time! All of that food looks so yummy :)

Kaitlyn said...

Hey I looove your blog! I have been following for a few months now! Could you share your sister story if havent already. I'd love to hear it. Me and my sis are total opposites as well but we are best friends!

McKenzie said...

You always eat the BEST foods! Sounds like a fun trip :)

Alexandria said...

OH MY GOSH I LOVE IRON CACTUS!!!!!! I went to the one in Austin while I was staying there last fall. Over the course of 4 days, I went there 3 times. SO GOOD! Looks like a fantastic trip :)

PursuitOfLLT said...

looks like a great trip! all the food looked delicious and your friend Melissa's hair/makeup looked gorg the day of the bridal shoot! which i can't say i've heard of in the chicagoland area? is it just solo pics of the bride?

i'm also digging all the stripes in your pics! haha i swear i have 439204832 striped shirts, sweaters, etc.

have a great week!

Norma said...

glad to hear you had soo much fun!! :)