Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brunch and a Baby

I am not much of a baby person.  Babies in general kind of freak me out.  I usually take the "zoo approach."  Look and smile from afar, but don't get too close.  Close is when screaming, spit up, and temper tantrums happen, and I sure as hell don't want to go there.  But ever since last April, there has been one special baby that I've been dying to meet up close and personal.  His name is Mason and he is my dear friend Kendall's sweet new baby boy.  ("New" as in was born right as Matt and I moved to Chicago so nine months later I still hadn't met the little guy.)  So during the Dallas stop of my interview tour, I knew I had to set aside time to meet little Mason, and in the true style of my friends, we decided the best way to reunite would be over Blue Mesa brunch and bottomless mimosas.  Blog friends, meet precious and perfect little Mason...

Mason lionEeeeek!  Isn't he cute?! Since this meet and greet was long overdue, I knew I couldn't show up empty handed.  What kind of aunt would Mason think I was?  So I snagged this cute little lion hat at a Chicago children's boutique and hoped Mason would forgive his Aunt Allison for the late meeting.  I particularly love the little lion tail in the back :) PS: How lucky is Mason to have a mom who takes such incredible pictures?  You can see more of Kendall's work on her photography site.  Her stuff is amazing!

DSCN4413Kendall and Jordan, two of my nearest and dearest friends!

DSCN4406In addition to seeing Mason and my sweet girlfriends, I also got to see Puneet, one of my oldest friends (we've been friends since sixth grade!)  When I told Puneet who was coming to brunch, he said, "oh great, me and the girls."  I quickly responded, "And Mason, DUH." PS: Have you ever seen one of your rough and tough guy friends be sweet with a baby and almost melted because of the cuteness?  Totally happened with Puneet and Mason.  Instant buddies, instant cuteness.

DSCN4408Between the hat, the stripes, the blue eyes, and the chubby cheeks, I can't get enough of this kid.  (And I'm not even a baby person!)

DSCN4414Judging by the look on Mason's face, he finds bottomless mimosas entirely more exciting than his aunts Allison and Jordan.

DSCN4418Mommy and Mason :) Seeing my dear friend as a mom was both crazy and natural.  Weird how much and how little can change as we grow older.

DSCN4417Giggles for everyone!

Mason and I's meet and greet was over way too fast (as was my time with my sweet friends.)  But as I grow older, I'm often reminded of how special lifelong friends are and how much they mean to me!


Reese's Runner said...

He is sooo cute!!! And I love your hair in the picture! Don't freeze to death up there in Chicago!!

Anonymous said...

He's such a cutie!! Love the little lion hat :)

Norma said...

awww super cute.


Lindsay said...

I want to eat him up! What a cutie!!

Loren said...

oh my gosh! You had me laughing from your comment that you take the "zoo approach" to babies. I do the same exact thing!

Nicole said...

I love those hats! So precious. Reuniting with friends and catching up is something I love doing, and don't do nearly enough.

swell.life said...

what a sweet photo. i love the name mason. so glad you're warming up to the rolly polly baby world. :)

Meg said...

Love that little baby beanie!! So cute!!