Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Happy Lately List

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It’s Wednesday, and what better way to get through the mid week stretch than with recognizing the little things that make life so stinkin sweet.  Here are a few of the things making me terribly happy today :)

The coffee shop near my house has been putting chocolate covered espresso beans on the lip of my coffee cup lately, such a lovely little treat!

The Glee season one soundtrack.  Matt snagged it for me this weekend, and I have not stopped jamming out since.  I even heard him singing along in the kitchen.  Ha.

I got the coolest shout out on one of my favorite new blogs, a toast.  Whitney is hella hilarious, and I am loving that I get to read her witty sarcasm on a daily basis now.  (Thanks for the shout out, Whit Whit.  And yes, that is a nod to my hero Brit Brit.  Recognize.)

Speaking of Brit Brit…did you catch this news?  There are no words to anticipate how freaking happy this makes me.  I also see it as no coincidence that Britney waited till I was Glee fan to sign on.  We’re tight like that.

Rainer cherries.  My summer staple.

We are getting a huge shipment at “the store” today.  Opening 84 boxes of jewels, dresses, and handbags is like Christmas on steroids, minus the fact I have to pay for the what's in the boxes ;)

I am sporting some new loungewear on days I am at home freelancing.  I felt yucky in regular t-shirts all day.  A  mini freelance wardrobe revamp was in order, and my new neon tees and tanks did the trick.

I got a coupon in the mail for a Dairy Queen blizzard.  And yes, I realize I am an old loser that coupons and DQ blizzards make me happy.

Sarah Bareilles on Pandora.  Enough said.

A text from my dad saying that my 87 year old granpa made it out of surgery ok today.  God is good!

What’s making you happy lately?


Rosalinda Castillo said...

Hi, sweet Allison!

I love reading your posts...

I enjoyed your entry today...Lord knows I am having one of those weeks, what am I happy for today?

Leftovers! My spaghetti was the bombdiggity yesterday and I got to enjoy it all over again today.

Health...I have some family/friends going through some tough times. I am grateful for my health.

My Monster House! We just moved in to a 5-bedroom home in a swank area of's big enough to hide from all these rugrats! Holla!

My Joey...even though we're still getting to "know each other" as husband and wife stage and he drives me bonkers with certain things...he is still the most thoughtful and loving man I know (besides my his soul)! Being married is so much fun! :0 )

:0 )
I'm avoiding unpacking-thus the long post.

Hugs your way!

Whitney said...

You are just the cutest. Thanks for the toast shout out - I promise I wasn't expecting you to reciprocate! Just wanted everyone to know the blog that finally inspired me to enter the blog world. :)

Hoping to visit Chicago in the fall! You must meet my BFF Andrea and we can convince her to blog, too.

Anh said...

Reading your happy list made me happy! =) xoxo

Amber said...

OMg I too am SOO excited about Brit on glee too!!

iheartkiwi said...

you had me at chocolate covered espresso beans! so glad to hear your grandpa is doing well.

what a wonderful list :) afternoon thunderstorms make me happy. i love the smell of the desert after it rains.

Tina said...

aww love this list! makes me happy :) especially GLEE!! aahhh! britney on glee is going to be A-MA-ZING! Shoulda been done before Lady Gaga but WHATEVER!!

the adventures of a modern housewife said...

summer vacation makes me happy

having entire days and nights off with my husband makes me happy

the newness of a fresh school year and all the things my students have the potential to learn makes me happy

swimming in the ocean and laying in the sun makes me happy!

Melissa said...

This was such a darling post.

To be honest I had a horrible day yesterday so i'm just happy I haven't broken down and cried haha.

I'll be back to feeling as happy as you asap (I hope ;))


RedDirtRevival said...

Oh that Glee soundtrack. Love it!! Also, I'm wearing a pretty orange dress that makes me smile!

Ashley Stone said...

cute post! Glad your grandpa is okay! : )