Friday, August 13, 2010

Lusting for Fall: Leopard

tumblr_kua23dNTp71qzpe8uo1_500_large{we heart it}

I know I shouldn’t be wishing for fall to get here; I know I should be enjoying the Chicago sun while its here, but I can’t help it.  I’ve lived in Texas almost my whole life, and well, we don’t really get a “fall” there.  Sure we get a few orange leaves and a few days where you might want a sweater, but overall, fall just skips right past Texas.  You go from hot summers to holidays.  True story.  No fall, I don’t lie.

So this year, I am excited to experience a real fall.  Everyone says that fall in Chicago is beautiful, and I am over the moon excited!  (PS: when it starts freezing, and I’m complaining about the cold and how I haven’t been out of my fuzzy leopard robe for days, I give you full permission to link back to this post, and say, “Be careful what you wish for, Allison…”)

But until then, I’m giddy over preparing for fall, and that of course, means preparing my fall wardrobe.  Clearly, I have my priorities in line here.  One of the things I’m most excited for this fall is print, particularly, leopard print.  Now I know, leopard isn’t everyone’s thing, blah blah blah, but I’m from Dallas, the land of leopard and bling.  And judging by what retailers are putting out this season, it seems I’m not the only one in love.  Check out a few of the items I’ve recently spotted.  (Forgive the shameful and intentional pun.  I can’t help myself.  I’m a natural comedian.)

modcloth bootie

ModCloth’s Wildcat Wedge
I literally need this now.  I am so in love with these wedge/booties.  Perhaps we should nickname them wooties?  Or even better, wedgies.  Hahahha, see, told you, natural comedian here.  But seriously, these babies might the be first thing on next up to purchase list.  Wouldn’t these just add an ounce of bad ass to any outfit?

br769720-01vliv01Banana Republic’s Cotton Animal Print Cardi
Though I’m not crazy about how Banana has this look styled, I adore this cardigan.  And I love the idea of pairing a leopard cardigan with a softer, more feminine top (just not this one, sorry BR.)  I also like that it doesn’t have the typical cardigan buttons.  I would throw this over just about anything!

rmink2043130640_p2_v1_m56577569831981243_254x500 Rebecca Minkoff Leopard Fling Clutch
I have been trying to convert to smaller handbags (more on that later) and I think this one is oh so perfect.  Demure in size, yet in pattern, anything but.  And the vintage shape makes it even more lovely.

erez J. Crew Kelcey Calf Hair Ballet Flats
Almost everyone is doing their version of the leopard flat this year, but I must say, I think this is my favorite.  A adore that the darker camel color is the focus, as opposed to the lighter shade which is present in a lot of leopard flats.  And the calf hair makes it extra luxe.  Ann Taylor makes a similar flat that I love almost as much, for a third the price.  Me likie.  _6176228 Erica Anenberg Leopard Twosome Ring
If you’re not quite ready to commit to the leopard look, this is just the piece for you.  This double finger ring is small, but packs a punch.  Its subtle, but fabulous.  I need it.

br772618-01vliv01 Banana Republic Haircalf Mini Chain Bag
Though I’ve been on the fence about these small chain bags, this one has definitely tipped me in the “like” direction.  This wouldn’t be an everyday bag for me, but it would be perfect for nights out in our new city.  Between the chain, the leopard, and that gold clasp, what’s not to love?

tumblr_l6knldGYi31qzyqpco1_500_large{we heart it}
And when it doubt, throw on a giant leopard scarf.  My favorite is one I picked up at a market in London with my mom.  It is fabulous, and can be thrown in purse, shoved under a coat, and wrapped a million different ways.  You can snag these in lots of places, but I think its fun to pick up scarves from markets and vintage stores, so that’s where  would start your search.

So while I am a firm believer in leopard in small doses, I think I’m going to be adding a lot of small daily doses of leopard into my fall wardrobe this year.  It’s pretty fool proof dressing in my book. Keep it simple, stay with neutrals, add a piece of leopard, and you’re ready to go.  Stylish, chic, and a little bit bad ass.

So what about you?  Are you lusting after leopard this fall?


amy anne said...

Leopard is everywhere now and I'm dying to get an accent piece with the pattern. Cute selection, there's also an adorable coat at zara!

Alicia said...

Yes you know I LOVE leopard / cheetah print ;)

Lindsay said...

Ummm I might NEED a scarf like that! I love scarves, and that one is fab-u-lous.

Kinsey Michaels said...

That ring and scarf are fabulous! And I pretty much love anything animal print, I even have a leopard print dress :) I'm happy you get to experience a true "fall" this year! Its one of the things I love about living in the northeast. We have tons of cute little farms and pumpkin patches.

the adventures of a modern housewife said...

I am a fan - love the flats, the clutch and the scarf. I've been looking for a leopard coat recently

Anonymous said...

Yes, leopard is a trendy fall item. Seeing that I am also from Texas, I know that for us it never goes out of style. Ann Taylor also has several leopard shells as well as shoes and a matching clutch. Those are def on my wishlist!

Jammer said...

Umm..I'm kinda loving that scarf...the ring...the flats...the sweater...basically everything haha :)

Amanda said...

You are right on the trend, my dear. I've browsed through two magazines this weekend and they both pointed to leopard print as this fall's must-have look.

I live in Wisconsin so I know about Midwest falls--they are beautiful. Winters on the other hand...

RedDirtRevival said...

YES to leopard. YES to fall!!!

Steph S. said...

I'm a fall lover, too! I totally wish the dog days of summer away :)
Your leopard print finds are so cute - super wild but classy! Love 'em all! (Especially the shoes!)

Paige said...

love leopard!!
the scarf is my FAVorite!


Brittany said...

I linked to you - love your blog!