Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happy Lately List

Wakeuphappy{photo from Moritz Fine Designs via Pinterest}

It's been a while since I posted a Happy Lately List, and early on this Tuesday morning seemed like a great time to celebrate all the small things making me happy...

Summer travelers making pit stops at our chateau (translation: house.  I'm fancy like that.)  One of the best parts of living in such a fun city is the number of visitors that pass through and make time for quick slumber parties at our place.  It's a great way to squeeze in some soul-nourishing time with the people we love.

My sweet little DIY succulent planter.  One of the few pieces of proof that Pinterest projects are actually doable.

"Disclosure" by Latch featuring Sam Smith.  This was my jam last summer, but now that Sam Smith has made it big, this song is popular on the radio and my hair flipping car jams are back in full effect.

Hosting our first big get together at the house and surviving to tell the tale.  (I made the genius suggestion to host a summer BBQ for Matt's department, not quite realizing the size of his department, especially once partners and kids are included.)  However, we rallied, pulled it together, and hosted a pretty fun little shindig.  And then after everyone left, Matt and I resisted the urge to instantly start clearing stuff away and instead sat and had a drink together, chatting about the party, funny stories the other had missed, and the food we loved most.

Desperately scrounging for five minutes to find a bobby pin and discovering one loner at the bottom of my purse.  Victory!

Carrot cake Luna bars.  Almost as good as the real thing.  (Almost.)

This book.  I am actually pretty knowledgable about the topic of mindfulness, and I use it regularly with clients, but I decided to go back to basics and check out this book.  It's an easy and relatable, yet profound and inspiring read for anyone looking to become more aware of their emotional experience.

TNT's "Rizzoli and Isles."  A fairly predictable, lighthearted crime drama full of girl power...count me in.  (Every once in a while I catch myself relating different parts of my personality to either Jane or Maura, and I realize I might be in too deep.)

This delightful Greek salad, which I ramped up with chopped artichoke hearts and bowtie pasta instead of spaghetti noodles.  I served this at the previously mentioned party, and one of the party goers said it was the best pasta salad they'd ever had.  Umm yeah...my cooking rarely gets that feedback, so I'd suggest making this ASAP.

Getting some extended hangout time with my little brother.  My family was visiting for a week, and given some unexpected family circumstances, their visit was extended, and my brother spent an extra solo week with us in Chicago.  After a semester with him halfway across the world, it was nice to have extra time with the little cutie.

Colorful, printed dresses.  I've put an intentional hold on buying any more black.  Sure, its versatile, but sometimes it's just not nearly as fun.

Getting back to blogging.  It's been awesome to reconnect with so many of you through Instagram, Facebook, and email.  Thanks for sticking around and welcoming me back.

Help spread the happy...let me know in the comments below or on Instagram what's making YOU happy lately!


Brady said...

Iced mochas at Intelligentsia (SO good, much more subtle than most mochas). Cooler than normal summer days. Badger & Hawaiian Sol sunscreens (the only natural/"safe" sunscreens that don't leave white marks all over me). No travel plans in the near future. Mango mochi from Trader Joe's. The Montrose dog beach - happiest place in Chicago. And a new ritual - drinking my morning coffee on the balcony whenever I can - even if I only have 5 minutes.

Shelby said...

I'm way happy about our future bundle of a boy joy coming in late November! :D

Pretty thankful and grateful!

Welcome back to blogging Alison!
(I haven't blogged in nearly 2 years! Maybe I need to hop on the wagon and get with it again.)

Shelby W.

Cortney said...

Why is it that bobby pins come in pack of hundreds, but when you really need one they've all seemed to disappear?

Stephanie said...

This 9 month pregnant belly, in all of it's heavy glory. :). Very blessed to be having our second girl very soon!

My almost 4-year old's huge imagination and sweet spirit.

Coffee, even though for now it's decaf.

Long summer days and enjoying the extra daylight after dinner.

Gayelle said...

I think you mean "latch" by disclosure. :) (still ft. sam smith)