Monday, July 1, 2013


Apr 11 20133*Lunch at one of our favorite lunch spots.
*Green tunic + natural curls = a typical weekend outfit. 

Mar 10 20134*I walk through Union Station each and every morning, and I truly think the Great Hall is one of the most magnificent spaces in Chicago.
*Whole wheat waffles, bananas, and favorite Saturday breakfast. 

Mar 10 20131*Korean barbeque with my one of my dearest friends, Christie.
*Hard to believe that twenty years after our first year at summer camp together, we are still loving girls night sleepovers! 

Apr 11 20134*A Friday office lunch at Butterfly.
*Thrifted denim Gap dress + a thrifted necklace from my mom.

Dec 13 20124*An awesome quote from this incredible book.
*A fun Saturday braid at the salon to avoid having to blow dry my hair.

I hope you're having a fabulous week.  This week is a lighter one for me, and I'm grateful to enjoy a few days off with friends and family!


Val said...

Such great Instagram pics.

Whitney said...

I LOVE Naf Naf! Their pita last a long time in the fridge so I buy a Six pack and then just toast them up to have with my salad at work.