Monday, July 16, 2012

Have a Garage Sale, Get an iPad

IMG 0771

If you follow me on Facebook, you've probably already heard the news, but I can't contain my excitement over this weekend's iPad, eeek!  Matt and I have been thinking about getting one, but I didn't quite see the point or need for either of us at the time.  (Ok, let me reframe iPad is never a need; it's a luxury.  I work hard not to use "need" and "want" interchangeably; it gets me trouble.)  Anyway, after some discussions and some star aligning (a successful garage sale + an early graduation gift from Matt), this little dude was mine.  I'm pretty excited about it, particularly given my legit Chicago commute next year.  I'm really pushing myself to learn how to really use it, rather than just poke around on a few apps.  So I need some help from all you iPad users...what are you favorite apps, tips, and tricks for the iPad?  So far, my favorite apps include Pulse, FeeddlerRSS, Instagram (duh), the Kindle app (which allows Matt and I to share books), iJewels, Lose It, and the AT&T U-verse app (which lets me tap into most of our cable plan from almost anywhere).  

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Also, for those that are curious about our garage sale, I am finishing up internship this week and moving back to Chicago.  Which means I had a ton of stuff to sell.  So rather than take the simple route and donate it all, I put in a bit of extra work and had a garage sale.  And I covered 3/4 of my iPad purchase with the profits.  Not bad, right? Proof that a little junk can go a long way!

Ok, so spill your iPad secrets and then go plan a garage sale :)


Nicole said...

Congratulations on your new iPad! My husband got me one when they first came out and we ended up getting one for him about 6 months later. I love it so much! Our daughters use them as well-great learning tools! We cancelled our cable and watch all of our favorite shows on our iPads. I use the abc player a lot for my favorite abc shows (The Bachelorette!), and also Hulu and Netflix. I use the Blogpress app to blog. We have the cloud, so all of our photos & music sync up which is great! Enjoy your new iPad!

Brady said...

A couple of things. (1) Yay! iPads are so fun. I'm no expert, but I really like using ours. (2) I would love to attend any garage sale you host! (3) Are you psyched to move back to Chicago???? I'm so happy for you from're done with long distance, back in the city. Hooray!

Cortney said...

That's awesome. We love our Ipads. I was always one of those people who said I would only read paper books. Then I read the Hunger Games on the Ipad and it's been digital books since then. No more trying to get comfy and positioning the book. I honestly don't miss paper pages. Have fun with it!

Ez said...

YAY!! welcome to your new addiction! Your going to just love your ipad. My fiance bought one for me when I started my own business and we both use it now and dont even use our laptop anymore.

Its so cool that yours is orange though! we only have black or white here in australia, hopefully we get some funky colours when the new one comes out and then maybe I could get a new one and my fiance can have the white one..hmmm... ;-)


A.Co said...

Weeeeee!!!! SO exciting!! Congrats!