Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Break Visitors


IMG 3156 Edit{photo by Rachel Robinson}

Happy Saturday friends!

My Saturday is extra happy because this little dude is arriving in Chicago tonight to spend the first half of his spring break with me.  And few things make me happier than hanging out with my little bro, laughing till my side hurts, and giving him giant bear hugs as often as possible.  Blogging may be lighter than normal as I play tour guide, taxi, chef, hotel manager, bank teller, and best of all, big sister :)  And for an extra bonus, he is bringing one his best friends who is currently on the fence about where he's going to college.  He is deciding between OU and Texas (lame) which gives me 4 full days to brainwash him into the right choice (Boomer!)

However you're spending your weekend, I hope its fabulous!


A.Co said...

Aww! SO FUN!! Enjoy the QT with your bro (and his buddy too, I suppose ;)

Alivia said...

So cute! And I love that you posted this on Saturday. I miss my good reads on Sat & Sun when most of the blogging world takes their vacation!