Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Lately List


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Good morning my lovelies!  Its Thursday, and we're making it through the week.  I think that deserves a big "woo hoo!"  This morning I am so happy to be sharing sweet Stephanie's Happy Lately List.  Stephanie and I have never actually met, but we have several shared friends/acquaintances, so I kind of feel like I know her.  Does that make me sound like a creeper?  I hope not, because I am totally not a creeper (except on my little brother's Facebook.)  But enough about my protective and nosy big sister ways...

Here is Stephanie's Happy Lately List...

Sweating to P90X:  I just completed phase two of the P90X program, one month to go! I have come to truly enjoy the sweating, jumping, and iron-pumping workouts brought to my living room six days a week by Tony Horton. I feel stronger, more fit, and empowered. I can do more push-ups than I ever thought possible. As Tony says, “Just do your best and forget the rest!”

Discovering a new city:  My sweet husband and I moved to Nashville three months ago and this place has quickly charmed me. I’ve enjoyed discovering the botanical garden, new restaurants, the farmer’s market, great places for happy hour, cool indie coffee shops, great places to jog, etc., etc.! And autumn – Tennessee experiences autumn like you wouldn’t believe! This isn’t Nashville your grandparents knew, it’s an urban city with a cool, socially conscious vibe.

The Hermitage Hotel:  This lovely hotel opened in downtown Nashville in 1910. Last weekend, I met some friends at the Hermitage for drinks before going to see a friend perform in Swan Lake. Sitting in an oversized chair in front of the lobby fireplace was lovely …sigh. The hotel is elegant and beautiful, I can’t wait to go back! This hotel wasn't hit by the recent floods but some of the other downtown hotels were - and the Hermitage jumped right in to help them recover. I have lovedseeing Nashville's resiliency after the flood, and the can-do attitude that has brought this city together ... despite lack of media attention or much help from the rest of the country.

Cooking:  I have surprised myself in the last year by realizing not only that I can cook, that I enjoy it! I was totally that girl who would have a bowl of cereal for dinner or grab a salad from Panera on the way home. But somewhere along the way (and to be honest, getting married really helped me start a new routine) I realized I actually enjoy making a meal from start to finish. Even more exciting, I’ve started to make my own modifications and creations, thinking this ingredient would work here or this could be better if I tweaked it like that. Who knew? Makes me happy! There’s something that feels great about being able to take care of my friends and family by feeding them well!

The carpool lane: My husband is in grad school at Vanderbilt and I’m work for the university so that means we get to ride together each morning. Not only is it a great way for us to connect and figure out the day’s activities, but we save the gas money and the environment. I love that it’s something small we can do each day that really adds up over time!

Autumn: People in the south celebrate autumn like it’s a separate holiday. And I don’t blame them, it’s absolutely gorgeous. I’m from Texas where you have two seasons: hot and cold. You have the summer heat and the winter’s cold, and maybe a week or two in the spring you see blooms.* Here, during the fall it’s as if the trees are being slowly fire roasted, and you can see each color as it passes –  oranges, reds, browns, there’s nothing like it! *Don’t get me wrong, I’ve called Texas home for 26 years, and it has a beauty all it’s own.*

Boots: I ordered new boots from Old in camel and brown, they are low-heeled wedges and I have worn them everywhere! Best purchase ever! I know not everyone is a fan of mail order shopping but I have become a pro at it, and just a few days later you have a little present delivered to your door!

And to end the happy lately list on an extra sweet note…I am excited to make this applesauce cake from Smitten Kitchen!

Thanks Stephanie for such a fun list!  If you want your Happy Lately List featured on this little blog, send me an email at  Have a blessed and happy weekend!



Stephanie said...

Love :)

Alivia said...

What a beautiful list!

amy kelinda said...

Awww, this is too cute! And congrats to Stephanie for completing most of the P90X! That is impressive!

Rachel said...

Allison did you know steph is one of my BFF's Forever! For real she in my wedding I in hers! I love that you posted this, my two fashionistas unite!

Rachel said...

Did you know that steph is one of my BFF's Forever!! I love that you posted this! She is so wonderful. You both would just love each other :) Some day we will have to go out and get a margarita together!