Monday, September 22, 2014

Dallas Trip

This post probably could have been better titled "The Trip to Dallas to See My BFF Where We Ate and Shopped the Whole Weekend," but I decided to opt for simplicity ;)  Several weekends ago, I made a visit down to Dallas to spend the weekend with my best friend, Jordan.  The trip had been on the books for a while, and I had been counting down to the day I could give her a huge hug and get in some quality bestie time.  Sometimes it can be tricky when I head "home" to Dallas, because there are so many people I want to see and spend time with.  But for this weekend, I decided not to overdo it, and just focus on time together with Jordan.  It was definitely the way to go.

IMG 4968In all our years of being friends (almost 17 to be exact, which is totally crazy), this might be one of my favorite pictures of us.  It's not particularly glamourous or exciting, but I can remember the moment and how great it felt to be reunited, and it just makes me smile.

Dallas TripAn airport outfit selfie was necessary while in Chicago, as was purchasing these glittered, leopard print tennies.  I mean, how could I not get glittered, leopard print tennies?  It was like they were made for me!  And naturally, within fifteen minutes of touchdown in Dallas, we were at Sonic, sipping on cherry cokes.  Sonics are super rare in Illinois, so they are a must when I'm back in Texas.  Cherry cokes just aren't the same from anywhere else! 

IMG 5168So I made one tiny exception to my "not seeing anyone else rule" and that was to see these two little cuties and their mom.  The fact that Paradise cookies were involved didn't hurt either.  (Like I said, this post really should have been titled differently lol.)

Dallas Trip1Saturday, we headed to the McKinney Farmers Market, where we stocked up on some goodies, and I got to enjoy my first Earth on Tap juice.  Oh my goodness, it was so so good!  Cashew milk, sprouted cashews, Himalayan pink salt, cinnamon, maple syrup, and coconut butter.  Then we headed to Downtown McKinney for some shopping and brunch at Snug.

Dallas Trip2Another Texas must have when I'm back is a sno cone!  (Illinois needs to get with the picture when it comes to cool summer treats!)  I had given Jordan my cravings list a week before the trip, so she was prepared in the sno cone department, taking me to Bahama Bucks.  Y' life will never be the same.  Underneath that wedding cake flavored shaved ice, is a scoop of Blue Bell vanilla.  I mean, I can't even talk about it without getting excited.  It was out of this world!  After a second visit in three days, it was time to head to the airport and back to Chicago, wishing I could stay a little longer.  Thankfully, Chicago welcomed me back with a pretty sweet sunset.

IMG 5002Trips like these are bittersweet.  They make me so incredibly grateful for such wonderful, lasting friendships, yet they also make me sad that I'm so far away from so many of my friends.  This trip was also a reminder that I want to be better about scheduling a few weekend trips a year to head back and see friends and family for the weekend.  Especially when sno cones and Sonic drinks are up for grabs! ;)

Have a fabulous week, y'all, and as always, thanks for stopping by to read this little blog of mine!


Brady said...

As always, your love for life and good friends is inspiring. Also, this makes me want to visit Dallas and eat all of the things you ate.

Anonymous said...

Chippers from Paradise bakery are even better than Thin Mints.